YBF- your best friend 

Are you sabotaging your success? 

Maybe you have great ideas but don’t follow through…

Avikaa believes maybe you’re not doing what you love, but you still keep showing up to work each day…

Or maybe you know you’re capable of much more, but your results don’t reflect your potential…

This is why at YBF we believe that passion is the key to everything. 

Be passionate about your passion, this is the secret to success.

If you’re not sure where you’re going in life, FLAWS TO FANTASTIQUE IS a one year course that should help clarify things for you…

YBF will help you eliminate insecure relationships, negative patterns & break the cycle of hurt.

YBF will help you regain your inner power, connect to their purpose,and find meaning in everything you do.

Are you looking for a life with more meaning, fulfillment and purpose ?

If you are, then I would like to invite you to India’s biggest online personal development event this April  called, “Flaws to FantastiQUE

Do you know someone that’s just really lucky?

They climb the ladder in their career, they are financially free, they take the most beautiful vacations, they have a thriving social life and a fulfilling and alive relationship…

We all know people like this – and most people will describe them as “lucky.”

But here’s the truth: they’re not lucky. They’re not smarter or more intelligent. In fact, there’s just one thing that sets them apart.

Here’s the real secret to success – the real secret to being “lucky”:

When opportunity presents itself – grab it! Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait for something better to come along.

But for those who have done the work – for those who are PREPARED – opportunities are everywhere.

Remember what Avikaa says: the meeting of PREPARATION and OPPORTUNITY creates the offspring we call “luck.”

It’s time to ditch your comfort zone and fear of failure and say YES to meaningful opportunities that excite you, give you energy, make you feel alive, connected, excited, and move you in the direction you want to GROW!

Now ask yourself:

Where is an opportunity lying that you could say YES to today? What action can you take RIGHT NOW to move toward a “luckier” life?

To your success.
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