Susovan Sonu Roy – rising Actor and talented Dancer 

Art is a God gift. When someone is gifted by God almighty by any art, it is very necessary to value that art properly. There are many artists in our country, the need is to identify them and value them in a proper manner. There are many forms of such art. The art of dancing, painting, drawing, singing, playing any musical instrument etc. are seen in our country. The art of acting is also a god gift and is properly shaped by much hard work. It is said that an artist is born, cannot be made. There is a long list of artists in different industries. The platform, which gives proper value to the artists, is very precious. We can include different names in these platforms like theatres, Bollywood, Tollywood, Dhollywood etc. These platforms give employment to the artists of the country. 

The fame connected to these industries becomes an inspiration to lakhs of new artists to try their luck into the acting field. The hard work and persistence connected to the acting and modelling field is the main factor of the success of many artists. There are several new actors and actresses in the industries like Bollywood, Tollywood, and Dhollywood. Some actors and actresses are very talented. Their future can easily be predicted to be bright. One such fresh dancer and actor is Susovan Sonu Roy . 

Susovan Sonu Roy is an Actor and Dancer, started his career as a western dancer. Known for his performances in Akash Aath serials, Star Jalsha Channel serials and Zee Bangla channel serials , Susovan Sonu Roy made his foray into show business as a Tiktok content creator. 

Born on 19 July, 1994 in Howrah, Susovan Sonu Roy did his schooling in Kolkata. He lost his father in an accident when he was only 5 years old. He spent a struggling childhood with his mother, who made sure to support him in following his dreams. 

Susovan Sonu Roy attended college Dum Dum Mothijheel Rabindra Mahavidyalaya in 2016 and began his career as a western dancer. 

Turning into Tiktok star and a verified video creator in Chingari app eventually made his way into the small screen. Apart from appearing on the Akash Aath and Star Jalsa serials , he has also acted in several serials in Zee Bangla television channel. 

In 2021, Susovan Sonu Roy also auditioned for Tathagata Singha’s film Uma (2022), starring Kajal Aggarwal in the lead. He also joined as a verified Amazon influencer in the same year. He has got Two main leads in one film and one Tv serial but not happened yet for some issue.

(In the past, After completing his Graduation his interest in Acting and he started attending many Workshops and Auditions . Then he start attending Workshops in Acting School from 2016 – 2018 (2 years) ) .

The hard work and persistence related to the field is known by the actor. He gives his 100% effort while performing his duty in the acting field. If you are in search of a perfect blend of good looks, good human being and art, Susovan Sonu Roy is the perfect choice for you.The taste of success is not available for everyone in the market. It is only available for ones, who are ready to pay for it. The price of success in any field is the hard work connected to the work. The number of sleepless nights and sacrifices of your favourite things are the mode of payment for success. Artists like Susovan Sonu Roy give their 100% for their acting field. The hardworking actor follows a strict diet and sacrifices his favourite dishes for maintaining his perfect physique . Acting is not everyone’s cup of tea. It demands a lot of passion. The art of acting is also owned by Susovan Sonu Roy. With Acting he is also a talented western dancer.The young artists like Susovan Sonu Roy are gems for our country. Our country is always proud of these artists and tries to support their art. The field of acting and dancing is trying to value these gems of art in every aspect. Susovan Sonu Roy is really one such talented actor and dancer, who has proven her art and dedication to his field of work.

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