Why does looking good and fit change your mindset and your acceptance ?? – Dr . MEHAK BANSAL

The concept of ‘body positivity’ has become a buzzword in contemporary times. The current pandemic prevalent in the world has made everyone cautious about maintaining a good and fit healthy body. Those who are unable to maintain the same go through the feeling of guilt of being excluded from the society’s norms and standing. Such has also been my story from childhood to motherhood when being an obese person has affected my life both physically and emotionally. However, despite such hardships, I never lost the will power and achieved a perfectly fit and healthy body and mind, not only once but four times in my life. Such a tremendous transition undertaken by me four times has not only boosted my self-confidence but also given me recognition in this glamorous health world where today, I am not only a happy and fit mother of two children but also a guide, a mentor of several others wanting to achieve such a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

Reflecting upon my life, I can say that being born in a Hindu Baniya joint family has impacted my food choices to a great extent. Being the youngest of all cousins and love poured by all the family members made me eat all kinds of food from oily to fried to junk to soft drinks etc. Such kind of food habits made me a fat person who was not easily accepted by the people- be it friends, other children, teachers, neighbours or the crushes I had in my adolescence. The want of being adapted and accepted by the people or the society in a regular manner made me think to focus upon my body and health. For this purpose, I gave up on all junk and fried foods and adopted  nutritious and healthy eating habits which transformed my body from fat to fit and made me look beautiful with glowing skin and hair. 

The second turning point of my life was my marriage. Being newly married I was invited to lunches and dinners from both sides of relatives. In the name of celebration, every kind of food was forced to be eaten which again led to a drastic change in my weight. I again realised I had to lose weight and did that in 3 months. However, after that I conceived and contracted a serious skin disease simultaneously which led me to different dermatologists who suggested steroids which again led to an increase in my weight (110 kgs) though I delivered safely. This proved to be a third turning point of my life. It was very difficult but I started and didn’t try any shortcuts since I was lactating and had to keep my child’s health in mind. I did lose around 30 kgs in 6 months which included the pregnancy weight and the extra weight that I had gained. The fourth time I have lost weight is the recent pregnancy I had and the extra weight I gained which had been shed off in another 8 months after my delivery. One thing to mention here is that I have always been supported by my parents, husband and the in-laws throughout my whole journey.

Throughout my journey I have realised one thing that everybody is different and the diet is not only about weight loss but also about overall health related to better hair, skin, detoxing, stress management, happy hormones etc. A healthy lifestyle is essential to lead a happy and fulfilled life with family, friends and relatives and the parties and vacations with them. Thus, one’s metabolism needs to be improved for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Being a dietitian and a nutritionist, I have always served my clients with a holistic diet and not depriving them of their favourite foods. Recently, I have received an honorary degree for my contribution to society by serving and benefiting the people in terms of their health, weight loss, hormonal issues and their overall fitness. Besides, I have also represented WHO as a delegate wherein I have focused on the requirements of nutrition needed for a human body especially focusing on child nutrition. All these things further help in my quest to contribute to society even more and more.

It is important for a woman to take care of her health firstly and then that of others in the family as she lays the foundation of healthy eating habits. So my advice for everyone is to have fixed schedules of all the meals. Please find time for yourself and also for what makes you happy. Stress and anxiety are the biggest enemies of a person. One of the myths which my clients need to understand is that diet is not only about weight loss but also about eating right. I wish everyone to aspire for a medicine-free life by choosing the right diet and exercise. Wishing everyone Good Luck and a healthy and happy life.


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