Indians are getting a Band 8+ in IETLS with SOUTHWARDS IELTS.

As per the statistics, Canada has been an ideal choice for every immigrant. Everyone dreams of getting a Permanent Residency in Canada, and few to scale in their career for higher education. The high quality of life attracts some offered there. So, to make everything possible, it is essential to have an IELTS for the Canada PR Application. However, every program has different score eligibility, so everyone must get the required bands in IELTS. Southwards IELTS is one such well-known organization that is famous for helping the IELTS tests takers achieve high scores, with Band 8 and even Band 9 on the first attempt.

Southwards IELTS is one of the most prominent institutions in India that provides quality training for IELTS exams. In a short period since its existence, they have been receiving a lot of attention for the terrific and jaw-dropping results of their Institution. The founder, CA Ganesh, shares the reason behind forming Southwards IELTS with his personal life experience. It all began when Ganesh was forging ahead to fulfil his dream of settling down in Canada, and to make it possible, he had to secure Band 8, 7, 7, and 7 in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, respectively, for the IELTS test. So he decided to undergo training from coaching institutes and different private educators, but unfortunately, the quality of the teaching could not suffice its standard as per the need. Being a teacher to CA final students, he had realized that few institutions were grabbing money from their students with no effort to make them successful at any cost. What’s observed is that majority were reported to be English teachers who had boasted of being an IELTS trainer.

That’s when he decided to self-study and trained himself rigorously for two months and successfully cleared the examination with flying colours. Owing to some personal reasons, he chose not to migrate to Canada anymore, but this left him with one question – “What shall I do with the IELTS? I have invested so much time to prepare myself” and that’s when the idea of Southward IELTS stuck in his mind and this is how the company came into existence. As the founder had experienced substandard teaching by most tutors and institutes across the country, he had realized that IELTS test takers are in desperate need of quality coaching to achieve their desired bands on the first attempt and fulfil their dreams as desired.

IELTS is a standardized English-language test that identifies the English Language capabilities of immigrants who wish to move to foreign countries. It uses a nine-band scale that identifies a level of hold over the language that comprises four different modules: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Southwards IELTS currently provides online training for IELTS General as well as Academic. It has two famous courses. One – Regular Course on IELTS, Second – 7- Day mini-course on IELTS with the same objective to help test takers get a Band 8+ in the test. The mini-course is for those who are comfortable with all the test questions except some challenging questions. This course requires minimum time and money as it deals with a limited set of questions.

On the other hand, the Regular course is for those who do not want to take any risk with their IELTS test. The course covers all the IELTS test questions and provides some unique techniques that help test takers excel in the test and get flying colours on the first attempt. And with this point of difference, the company is making its presence throughout the country with its achievements among test-takers on all social media platforms.

Two challenges are significant to take note of by the IELTS test-takers:

– Only around 8% of test-takers get a Band 7+ in the IELTS test. The reason behind this is that the majority of the test takers take this exam very lightly and mostly rely on YouTube videos, the number of mocks, and some samples of essays and vocabulary. But the fact states that to clear the test with a Band 7+, every test taker must know how the examiners frame the questions. Once they learn about this, then with a solid and no-fail strategy, anybody can score 8 Band. 

 Most test-takers fail in the Writing module of the test because some remains under the impression of being good in English during school life and thinks that is enough to achieve Band 7+. Still, the fact states that though Format and vocabulary are essential to achieve a high score, what is more, important is identifying what examiners demands and a trick to respond to them. 

With the considerable inflow of incredible responses, the company is gearing up to expand its wings to other Asian countries.

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