“Necessity is the mother of Invention”

A few days back one would agree to the above words stated by Albert Einstein but today’s Covid-19 scenario has taught us that life is unpredictable; all we need to do is prepare ourselves for the challenges that life throws out on us dwell on the rollercoaster of life.

We as humans are able to evolve and adapt to a shed load of new things and also adjust to the most raucous circumstances in today’s time, due to the development of technology.Technology is also the biggest medium to learn anything at our finger tip. 

In a world full of students competing to be the best and aiming to have the highest rate of success, wouldn’t a student want to achieve great heights in less time compared to the other students with an abundance of knowledge and that too globally?

DKLEARNERS is here to build quintessential FINGENEERS. It was founded by educationist Navas Abdul Kadher, who incorporated technology and his own experience and knowledge in the education sector into good effect by ensuring DKLEARNR being a real champion in this sector. He is a successful tutor of finance subjects and an expert on finance professional qualification with over 10 years of experience. He has opened a door of vast opportunities for students; the DKLEARNR App has already started to make an impact in the finance professional sector focusing on quality fin-education (Financial Education). During the pandemic, this platform benefitted many students to qualify for their professional examinations.

The main motive behind this venture is to enlighten the students to pursue Accounting qualifications in a professional way so that they can change the financial status of the world. Yes, they are nurturing the future CEOs and CFOs!! “We youngsters, could be the next financial expert of the Big Four”. Let us live ahead of time and forecast the next economic boom. The platform provides personalized coaching, visual learning experience and special preparatory exams to develop candidates to be confident about the exams.

They provide many foreign professional qualifications including ACCA, FRM, CIA, CMA, IFRS, ICAEW. From Higher Secondary students to abroad working professionals anyone can join the courses.

About the APP

DKLEARNR Fin-learn App is the hybrid fin-learn platform that provides professional qualifications to 11th-grade students, graduates, and working professionals. It’s unique feature is the DKLEARNR 360 approach. The app is replacing the entire traditional study approach through an instant E-learning application. The DK team had done widespread research to deliver the professional qualifications through their learning app. They provide 

·      Unlimited usage of HD live and recorded sessions,

·      Comprehensive revision,

·      Exam rehearsal course

·      Mock Assessment

·      Chapter- wise quiz and Revision

Notable Feature

The Application is designed in such a way that all the keywords of the chapter can be learned through chapter quiz even without reading the text. The app also features mock assessment, chat with tutor to clear individual doubts, and global classroom to chat with students from abroad. They are a professional team of qualified faculty for ensuring the excellent delivery of academic sessions  while using hybrid tuition methods for coaching students from more than 10 countries. They also teach a plenitude of working professionals to qualify for various finance qualifications. The course runs on a package based system.  For more information, please visit https://dklearnr.com/

Professional Educators

The Ed-tech platform provides us professional qualified educators from both India and abroad with a feature tutpool (pooling or hiring a tutor at a convenient time as one desires); it also facilitates the institute/college/corporate seeking for qualified tutors to acquaint their team with the skill based qualities to adopt with dynamic world scenario. Various professional educators are classified on the basis of Senior Expert Pool, Semi Expert Pool and Jr Expert Pool based on the experience of respective tutors in the financial field; charged on hourly basis The hybrid tuition method helps to provide coaching to students from more than 10 countries.


FACPOOL LEARNING VENTURES is a new-gen Ed-tech company that started its operation in 2018. It believes the technology has the power to transform the domain of learning. The FACPOOL project includes Professional course online delivery, CPD courses for teacher and learners, High school and higher secondary student subject visualized online tutoring with specially designed English communication training. They are customizing the learning process by providing world class professional qualifications through their online platform for school and college students in India. For more information visit https://facpool.org/

The FACPOOL primary business was providing qualified tutor to Ed-tech schools and colleges across the world.  lLater it expanded the Ed-tech brand portfolio with DKLEARNER (Learning platform provides 11th class students) and Tutpool(Platform of 100+ qualified professional faculties). The company is an exclusive  partner of London School of Business and Finance in India and GCC and Global University Systems (GUS).

Student Review

In a country like India, one may not find coaching centers in every town or village for a desired course but the DKLEARNER Ed-tech platform by providing the professional educators at the fingertips of mobile phones is ensuring thousands of dreams to come true. Students all over the world use this platform especially ACCA because of the international status of it. So, if one wants to go abroad they can go with this qualification anywhere in the world. Even students currently pursuing any bachelor or master course or in their higher education can purchase the package of the course of recorded classes along with mock test preparation and, according to their convenience, they can complete the course under the guidance of professional qualifiers. This Ed-tech platform is one stop for all financial courses  including Chartered Accountancy, ACCA, CMA, IFRS for best results.


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