DNARB: Encouraging Growth of Million Business Owners 

DNRAB was founded with the motive of bringing together small and local businesses under one roof; to encourage and assist the building and growth of value-based businesses. The venture was started with the sole purpose of helping local businesses during the pandemic as a way to help them increase their branding digitally and socially under one roof.  

DNARB – a palindrome on the word BRAND is the brainchild of Subham RN Basumaata, who had one vision and that was to build a unique label that will change the face of business development and marketing.

“It’s easy to do a job than to be a young starting entrepreneur and make a living.”, says Shubham who has worked in multiple firms to get an idea and experience in this field. Right from his college days, Shubham knew that he was not cut out for a 9-6 job. He knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He dedicated the next 3-4 years of his life to learning and unlearning. Finally, he was ready to bring his vision to life. His vision was to create a single platform where various businesses and artists could come together. Thus DNARB was born in 2020. The company was registered under the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs India in the year 2021, March.

Initially, the company had to undergo a series of financial crises. Undeterred, he decided to bring on his friend Gautam Debnath, a close friend of Shubham, on board as the Managing Director. Gautam has worked as an Intern Auditor for L D Souza and Co, and was the Business Associate for ‘Quantum Organization’.  He says,  “During the starting phase we faced a lot of issues and negative comments but we stood together and overcame all this. Now I am one of the Director(Co-founder) of the company and today we have taken  the company to new heights with Education, Entertainment, Web Design/Development, and Digital Marketing.”

Saptarshi Ghoshal, the IT Head, and Ayesha Nihalani, the Digital Marketing Partner,  joined them during one of their lowest points. Together, they strategically revived DNARB and have successfully carved a name for themselves in the service sector. Their vision is simple – ‘ A king-sized service gives you value-based client, customer base. ‘ They aim to provide simple and secure services to businesses in various fields. 

DNARB is engaged in the work of generating business development services and marketing in segments such as Digital Marketing, Web Design &  Development, Education, and Entertainment. They also offer services on-site and off-site or through development centers using their own or hired third parties, infrastructure, and resources. They also provide solutions/packages/ services through applications service provider mode via internet or otherwise to which the benefits accrue from a systematic structure.  

To date, they have partnered with ‘Gloria Entertainment’, a musical band, ‘The Highlanders’, and designed the website for an eCommerce brand ‘Baby Panda’ – an online bamboo product house successfully admitted more than 15,000 students to reputed colleges in various fields and have successfully completed the digital marketing of various local and small businesses which have yielded positive results. As of now, they have been taking up UNDP projects in a tie-up with a new addition director  Soumik Bhaduri. They have also partnered on a long-term basis with the entertainment brand- Gloria Entertainment. 

They plan to expand and serve pan India in the next 5-10 years with the mission to tap into potential clients and make their services easily accessible.

DNARB has received multiple positive reviews for its professionalism and its work. 

“By efficient execution and pocket-friendly budget it has created a satisfied customer base pan India” – Veronica Kayal, Founder, and CEO, Gloria Entertainment, Kolkata.

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