Verheffen Systems :  Adding value to businesses to drive continued growth

Verheffen Systems is the industry-leading professional IT Recruitment Company, Verheffen’s IT Talent Acquisition helps enterprises with the unified solution set of offerings to simplify the complex challenges over the whole It Hiring & recruiting lifecycle.

The Talent Acquisition offers a single user experience that is purpose-built and improves recruiting efficiency, effectiveness & cost-per-hiring. This allows companies to hire fast and involve 3 times as several job applicants. With the functionality ranging from recruitment marketing & applicant tracking to employee referrals, internal mobility, and capabilities, the agency offers recruiters the comprehensive and single suite that helps to attain goals in the hypercompetitive labour market of today. 

In a world where an average enterprise uses 10 and more talent acquisitions and over 42 percent of the surveyed recruiters don’t have the resources to succeed positively, the Verheffen recruitment agency is the needed recruiting simplifier.

Building Digital And Strategic Employment Brand

In the transparent digital world today, a company’s employment brand should be both visible and attractive as candidates often find their employer and not the reverse. Thus, to leverage their interest, companies are managing the employment brand that will “pull” talented candidates toward them.

To create an attractive brand involves a complex mix of abilities and forces. One important factor is an overall workforce experience that needs high engagement levels as well as strong career opportunities. Actually, outreach campaigns to attract and educate candidates will be as important as customer-focused marketing. Verheffen, for instance, developed a series of unconventional job interviews and videos that help them to highlight employee experience as well as set their company apart.

Expert Help for In-Depth and Efficient Searches

As a professional agency totally committed to client’s goals, Verheffen assures assistance and use of experts with great knowledge in the search for the perfect fit candidate. The company understands the importance of finding talent with unique skills and for this reason, we work with specialized consultants in various niches and industries. 

Verheffen’s network helps to access resources and information that other recruitment companies and in-house recruitment just don’t have an access to, therefore injecting efficiency and quality throughout the hiring procedure. It is our job to be the experts and Digital Recruitment to embrace this growing and ever-changing digital world. The brand is proud to help various businesses to grow their teams and candidates to take an important step in their careers.

Industry Rebounded in Major Way 

2022 was quite a challenging year for the recruitment firms, with two out of five agencies reporting revenue losses. For many agencies, 2021-22 represented a tremendous rebound. Around 3 out of 4 respondents reported revenue gains and 1 from 7 reported yearly losses.

Companies specializing in Technical/ IT clients and companies that reported several verticals reported the strongest performance in 2022, with around 68% of the respondents in every group reporting increase in revenue. Though light industrial companies were on a different spectrum with only 50 percent of the respondents reporting revenue gains from 2022.

Above all, they are a professional company of passionate recruiters who like to have engaging and meaningful experiences with the customers and people to allow growth and get better results. The recruitment firm is a specialist digital consultancy covering interim, temporary, permanent, and freelance roles. Their goal is to deliver digital roles for the candidates and unrivalled solutions for our customers. It is not sufficient to be good and aim to be quite exceptional. 

Verheffen’s skilled consultants are sector specialists who know the importance of the flexible digital workshop as well as the unique requirements of this digital landscape. They are the digital recruitment agency market’s just standalone recruitment consultancy.

Their ambition is to build industry knowledge and marketing leading capability to become India’s digital sector specialists in staffing and recruiting business.

About Verheffen 

Verheffen is a global leader in recruitment and software for the staffing industry. Over 10,000 firms rely on Verheffen’s digital platform to power and detailed their staffing procedure from beginning to end.

The company specializes in helping various enterprises to recruit talented candidates just by communicating the target market, knowing the perfect solution to fit their business requirements and offering marketing materials perfectly to candidates’ career goals. They offer customized training solutions and programs that perfectly meet industry standards as well as are made for every sector within a company.

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