Shraddha’s debut novel ‘A beautiful mess’ launched on the occasion of Independence day

Shraddha’s debut book has recently been released worldwide. Titled ‘A Beautiful Mess ‘, the book is a highly engaging, contemporary romance that has been garnering excellent reviews across social and print media. Published by True Dreamster Publications, ‘A Beautiful Mess ‘ does a deep dive into platonic love.

 The book has been receiving praise for its widespread, universal connection, as well as for being very high on the relatability index. The plot is relevant to the times we live in, the characters have been beautifully sketched out, the setting is realistic, and the story has ample doses of romance and emotion. Other than being an enjoyable read, the book also answers some extremely pertinent questions about making relationships work in a fickle, fast-paced and technology-driven world. The success of the book and the rave reviews that have been pouring in have amply demonstrated how a novel, fresh plot, entertaining narration and believable characters can keep readers hooked and prove to be a truly winning combination.
 An academician, author, and poet Shraddha Ramani has over 15 years of teaching experience. Shraddha is also a prolific writer, columnist and poet, as well as an award-winning author. Her stories, articles and poetry across genres like romance, philosophy, patriotism, migration, relationships and women’s issues are regularly published in leading national and international literary magazines and newspapers. You can also read some of Shraddha’s work on her website

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