La Glacé is Setting Benchmark in the Dessert and Ice-Cream Market

Amar Morarji Chheda founded La Glacé, an ice cream and dessert station in Mumbai, India. La Glacé is well-known throughout the city for its flavour and quality. Not only has it become the most popular ice cream brand among customers, but it has also won their hearts due to its superior quality.

La Glace came into existence in October 2021 with the sole mission of providing mouth-watering, healthy, and delicious ice creams, desserts, cakes, and faloodas at very reasonable prices. The term La Glacé is derived from the French vocabulary and means “The Ice.” Amar Chheda has left no stone unturned in his efforts to make La Glace one of the most successful ice-cream brands.

Prior to establishing La Glacé, Amar established Mumbai’s first Archies Gallery Store, which was a huge success. People bought cards, frames, and other items for their loved ones at the store, which became a well-known gift station. 

Post-lockdown Amar Chheda opened La Glacé, an ice cream, and a dessert shop. During his travels across the country and around the world, he encountered numerous businesses that were involved in retailing, distribution, wholesale, and other aspects of the industry, and he saw how a seed for a business should be sown and how it could be reaped into a profitable firm. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs and businesspeople, thus running a business was in his DNA.

“La Glacé is supplying top quality frozen ice creams, cakes, faloodas, milkshakes, and sweets,” Amar says of the company he founded. La Glacé is now offering ice cream and desserts at the Eros Theatre Building in Mumbai. Amar wants to expand La Glacé in a few key areas around Mumbai. At the moment, it sells healthy-diet ice creams, diverse ice creams, mithai, and sweets.

And then there’s Smokehouse, an artisanal ice creamery that makes beautifully textured, locally sourced, chef-inspired ice cream by hand. It consists of making guilt-free desserts with high-quality ingredients. It is impossible to proceed without sampling La Glacé’s smokehouse. Smokehouse is now La Glacé’s best-selling ice cream.

La Glacé is known for its unrivaled and pure taste, which it shares with its clients. La Glacé has become a successful brand as a result of people’s remarks, reviews, and adoration, which has only been possible due to its quality and taste.

Amar intends to develop his business by offering a variety of high-quality nutritious ice creams, such as protein, vegan, and sugar-free options. “La Glacé intends to become the most desired ice cream and dessert place,” he continues. We want to open limited-edition dessert cafés in different areas.” Amar has undoubtedly learned the tastes of the people of the city with his extensive experience in previous businesses. La Glacé has carved a particular place in the hearts of the inhabitants of the city of dreams, thanks to its location in the most popular building of Eros Theatre at Churchgate, which is close to Brabourne Stadium, Wankhede Stadium, and the most prominent colleges!

To learn more about La Glacé and to sample the best ice cream, shakes, and desserts, visit their store. 

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