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10 lesser known things about Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin

Know 10 amazing things about Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin

Here is a quick question for you. Name any three British bands that come to your mind right now. We are not sure about the names that come to your mind, but chances are that one of them is Coldplay for sure!

That is because Coldplay is indeed one of the most popular British bands ever. This makes the band members Jonny Buckland (guitarist), Guy Berryman (Bassist) and Will Champion (drummer) celebrities in their own right. But the most famous of them all is the multi-talented Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin!

Infact, Chris Martin is a songwriter, musician, lead vocalist, pianist, rhythm guitarist and ofcourse the co-founder of the group. It is hard to imagine Coldplay without Chris Martin. Being a celebrity indeed puts Chris Martin’s life out in the open, but there are certain things that not many people know of. Here are the top 10 things that not many people know about Chris Martin:

  1. His physique

Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin is a six-footer (six foot one to be precise) and is also ambidextrous. Being ambidextrous allows him to write and play with both hands with equal ease. That is probably one of the reasons why Chris can play almost all musical instruments with ease!

  1. How he met his ex-wife

Chris Martin was married to Gwyneth Paltrow between 2003 and 2016. They met backstage at one of the Coldplay concerts and remained inseparable thereafter. They were married in 2003, had their first child in 2004 and the second in 2006.

  1. Singing in reverse

For one of his songs “the Scientist”, Chris Martin learned to sing in reverse! Actually, the song required everything to be shown in reverse, hence while Chris’s body moves in reverse, his lip movement looks as if he is singing normally.

  1. Travelling by the London Underground

Once he was late for his performance in London. Had he gone to the venue by his car, he would have reached there too late much to the disappointment of his fans. Hence, he decided to travel by the London Underground. He walked in undisguised. Much to his surprise, he was surrounded by fans that were also travelling to watch him perform live, but he went unnoticed!

  1. Award by PETA

While he was married to Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin had turned vegetarian. Hence in 2005, he was voted as the ‘World’s Sexiest Vegetarian’ by PETA. Unfortunately, soon after their separation in 2016, this Coldplay frontman turned to meat again.

  1. Shared birthday

Chris was born on 2nd March. It is the same day as other music legends like Jon Bon Jovi, Lou Reed, Dr. Seuss, and stars like Daniel Craig and Rebel Wilson were born.

  1. His illustrious family

Chris comes from an illustrious family. His father is a retired Chartered Accountant while his mother is a music teacher. The Martin family once owned a very famous caravan & motorhome business in Britain which his grandfather ultimately sold in 1999. Also, William Willett, who campaigned for ‘daylight saving time’, was his great-great-grandfather.

  1. Insomnia

While millions go to sleep after feeling satisfied with the music of this Coldplay frontman, Chris himself is an insomniac! Infact he event underwent sleep therapy to recuperate from it. One of the reasons he can’t sleep is that he keeps getting dreams that his performance has gone bad!

  1. Behind the bars

Once in Australia in 2003, the Paparazzi were hounding him so much that Chris attacked one of the photographers in despair. This assault landed him in jail.

  1. Coldplay was not the chosen name

While still studying at the University College of London, Chris and Jonny Buckland formed a group named Pectoralz. In the next few months, the name was changed to Big Fat Noises. Soon after they christened themselves as Starfish and ultimately, rechristened themselves as Coldplay. The band also has a strict rule that says that anyone found doing hard drugs would be fired immediately!

After divorcing Gwyneth Paltrow in 2016, this Coldplay frontman dated Annabelle Wallis briefly, but then met American actress Dakota Johnson in 2017. Since then the two have remained inseparable and rumours have been doing rounds that they are engaged.

Well, no one really knows that for sure, but everyone knows this one thing is that Chris Martin is the Coldplay Frontman without whom the group will remain incomplete! Here’s wishing this multi-talented Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin all the very best in life!


Coldplay Frontman is one of the most famous stars in the music world. Besides his ability to play virtually any musical instrument, here are some lesser known facts about Chris Martin. 

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