Zindadil by Dhriti Pati Sarkar is revealing shocking truth about human behaviour

Congratulations to Dhriti Pati Sarkar for his award winning short film “Zindadil” focuses on the different behaviour of the people. A project by Flying up Entertainment which is very famous for its entertaining projects on Human emotions are back with ‘Zindadil’ has bagged several prestigious awards with a recent Felicitation at Roshani International Film Festival starring the very talented Artist Dhriti Pati Sarkar. 

Dhriti Pati Sarkar belonged to Central Part of India and a many times award winning Artist in the career of theater and film is again back with his sarcastic talent to entertain his audience. When asked about the reason behind the creation of this masterpiece, he said “The different shades of behaviour of the people and bringing them to light along with how that behaviour can be replaced is the major motivation behind the creation of the masterpiece Zindadil”. No better actor could have performed well apart from Sarkar, his dramatic experiment teamed up with an art of science and personality development brought out all the emotions alive for its contemporary audiences. 

The short film Zindadil kept earning one after the other recognition in their kitty. The film was felicitated in Indo American International Film Festival, Abater Computer Multimedia Award, Asian International Film Festival, Roshani International Film Festival. The Flying up Entertainment is gearing up with 5 more projects where the shooting for them are going on starring NSD and FTII Actors. Films are a source of entertainment along with knowledge and Zindadil is one of a kind and their genres are perfect way of attraction to impact social behaviour positively.

The film Zindadil is a power pack performance by Dhriti Pati Sarkar revolves around the genre of standup comedy and a mono act with an aim focusing on the people to live life with a happy heart for the rest of the life. It focuses on deriving humor with surprising situations and characters that includes different aspects of human behaviour and human nature. The content of the film typically subjects to a particular types of people with the usage of humor to satirize the behaviour and their mannerism together with its different solution and forms how that behaviour can also be replaced with different tone of voice attitude and words. Humor is the only form of communication in which a stimulus on a high level of complexity produces a stereotyped, predictable response on the physiological reflex level. Such a method of study of behaviour provides clues for the study of creativity in general.

Dhriti Pati Sarkar has very intelligently decoded human behaviour in Zindadil that gives better insights to its audiences with an observation, analyzing and gaining better understanding on how people actually behave and how they should behave in both individual and collective level. His work on Zindadil revealed insightful findings on human behaviors in various aspects that had shed light on our own lives. The artist introduced the same in a very humorous manner that had superbly won the heart of the audiences. The film is available on You tube channel under the banner of Flying up Entertainent.

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