Your passion is what sets you apart from the crowd: believes Nikesh Jain. 

Nikesh, a young, dynamic, happy-go-lucky boy, has evolved with time from reticent to voluble. Speech and words have been an essential play in each life. Nikesh has been quite reserved and introverted but has always been a thoughtful individual. For being substandard at co-curriculum, his voice had always gone unheard or suppressed. With time and support, he was motivated to write, as people around him believed his words could explain and express himself and others.

His journey as a poet started in February 2018 when he wrote his first poem, and it got published. People connected with him and loved his work. He has been a stubborn kid with anger issues working on which he channelized his anger into writing as his therapy. A therapy that turned him into a calm and peaceful being. His transformation is what his family and friends are proud of.

His poems have been published in various anthologies and international magazines like Storizen, LitGleam, etc. Besides, he’s working on his poetry collection book. Nikesh is a travel buff and believes that nature is a great healer, and one of his write-ups is a defining piece:

“To climb to the peak

And see how beautiful the world is,

The mountain pulls me

To walk within.

Feeling the breeze

That speeds my vein,

I found myself

Seeking into the mountains.

In the mountains, I go

Leaving all the sorrows,


Getting all I owe.”

Nikesh, an International Business Management graduate from MIT College, Pune, is a budding entrepreneur residing in Bengaluru who made his mark with his ever-spreading start-up. He is passionate about his future with a young mind motivated and driven in ‘XROSS BUTTON’, a menswear apparel brand. This trendsetting brand is a feather in his hat. He quotes – “If you do not know where it ends, don’t run a race”. In a professional world, running a race without a goal is crowd work.

He has an intense love for writing and reading and feels that the power of a pen and a book together is more significant than anything else. He put this out as a valuable tool to inspire and motivate people around him through public speaking. The poet tries to mentor people to enrich their lives on personal and professional sides.

“Life Is Good!

I know, life has its

Rough spells.

But, always try to make

Bitter in life, better.

For, the rainbow always

Follow the storm.

Make every moment,

A little more meaningful.

Every moment is musical,

For you have to listen to.

Find joy in every day,

Let it go what you can.

Do this, travel there,

Move here, don’t wait.”

Here showing the face of life – everyone has their story of how difficult life is, but letting out things and working on self makes life better. Nikesh is a soulful person and a player of words, words that reinstill faith in people.

He is sharing his work, and you must stop by and explore his Instapage, Pinterest, and other social media @nikeshjain97 and dive deep into a world of emotions and show some love.

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