Why Simran Khan’s Novel, ‘The Last Tear- Reaching to infinite love’ is winning hearts. 

‘Unpredictable’, ‘”you don’t want to put it down”, “suspense lovers will love this book”, “I felt connected, it’s so engaging”, “it’s so diverse, knowledgeable, mysterious, romantic, its beautiful blend.” 

The words above are reviews of readers of ‘The Last Tear- Reaching to infinite love’. 

The author of this book, Simran Khan, still can’t believe the overwhelming response of the readers. Considering herself as a coincidental writer who started writing to get rid of her anxiety issues, Simran worked as a faculty member of history and political science and is a social scientist. Apart from this, she is an MBA graduate who walked away from the corporate world as destiny had some other plans for her. After four years of keeping this novel as a Microsoft word document, finally, she decided to publish it. “It was the best decision of my life, I will continue with this journey,” she says after seeing the response of national and international readers, who keep on messaging her on social media about the release of the sequel of the novel.

“I feel so good when readers show their curiosity to know more; sometimes coincidences can do miracles”. Book critics have been tagging her novel as ‘engaging’, which won’t let anyone get bored even for a second. They highlighted other factors responsible for winning a reader’s heart. The emotions portrayed makes all the characters live, and the sense of mystery it creates with each chapter is its USP. They also felt that it feels like ‘you are watching a movie. 

The experience of the reader was the priority of the writer when she was writing this novel. “As a writer you need to feel exact as the character, you need to live each character intensely, yes while doing this you go through some traumas, you have to switch your inner personality with each character you are writing and it brings in you different emotions at the same time, personally it can be difficult and you need to immediately balance yourself back, but anything for readers.” 

It’s been just five months, and the way ‘The Last Tear- Reaching to infinite love’ is performing makes the author twinkle as she didn’t know anything in-depth about this field, she says she got to learn more about it when she was invited as a guest by two young authors, along with a senior author, to guide the aspiring writers. “I think that day I learnt more than the aspiring novelists, till date contemporary literature, commercial literature, were just some terms for me, that day I realised how much research is done to write on any topic, but I don’t want to work according to rules or make some strategies, I write because I have a purpose behind ‘what I write’, it will be disclosed when this beginning will end, as ‘The last tear’ is just the beginning. So I will keep entertaining my readers to make them dive into sea of romance, mystery and suspense and take them away from the world of chaos.” 

As a clinical psychologist, she is also keen on spreading awareness about mental health. Her other profession makes her get to know humans better; this also helps her develop the characters. Considering it as her destiny, she relishes each second of doing what she loves. “I am blessed that both the fields I am in, never makes me feel that I am working, doing what you love is natural push towards your happiness.”

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