Why is Make Me Brand the best Digital Marketing Agency in Surat?

Make Me Brand undeniably, badges the power to hold its tag as a team that is determined by values of perfection and prioritizes its working traits, thereby providing outputs that the client demands and one that drives the client crazy with its success! It is one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies offering a wide range of services such as Social Media Marketing, Management Services, Social Media Management, etc. Besides these services, graphic services such as Graphic Designing, Creative Logo Designing, Social Media Post Design, Brand Identity Design, Advertisement Design, etc., are also provided.

To build a business into a brand is another level of dedication that an individual has likely to put! With ample other responsibilities on the shoulders of the business proprietors, keeping up with many things could be a nip in the bud, and the course can sometimes be grueling. This is when Make Me Brand comes to the rescue and proves to be a knight in shining armor. Nothing could be as promising as Digital Media Marketing and making an Online Presence upscale and uplift your business to a favorable height. To make an online presence appealing takes blood, sweat, and tears. An individual can absolutely do it, but not potentially. Hence, extracting its full potential should be left to someone already an expert in that subject.


We observe the content. We collect sources of the content, create content, amend if needed, and re-create for THE BEST LOOK! These are some of the traits that we follow for excellent images and videos. Likewise, you, too, may learn to excel in your Social Media Presence to market your content if you undertake a few steps to create videos. Here’s a quick guide of points for you to undertake while making a video or an animation clip;

• Pay keen attention to what is the best in the content, as it has to be the subject of the video.

• In addition to this, look for the purpose of the video, whether it matches your content or not.

• Furthermore, there should be a language preference in line with your end-users. It may not necessarily be English but any other language that the end-users prefer.

• The content should be structured appropriately from the most important to the least important information.

• The colour scheme of the content should be subtle and match the branding content and its theme.

•The sizes of different content in the video should be such that it soothes an individual’s eyes which means it shouldn’t be too bold or too tiny, nor should it be lurid.

• When you design content with purpose, then it helps in creating simplified and understandable content. Hence purposeful content should be a must.

• Whenever there is text in the video, the video should have enough time for the viewer to read.

• Last but not least, find optimal resolution and ratio on whatever platform the content is going to be displayed or make it a generic size and dimension that could be used on all platforms.

Of What type a creative image should actually be?

The answer to this question will be contrasting since the perception of everyone is different, but what do the experts have got to say?

According to the experts, a creative should have various things which should be mandatory in order to get the right creative made. In the words of experts, if a few points are considered while creating a creative, then the creative happens to fall in the right place and functions the way it should.

• The subject of the image should be highlighted appropriately.

• The colour theme should be subtle and not too bright.

• Over usage of stickers or unnecessary vectors shouldn’t be used.

• Only essential and relevant information should be on the image.

• The language should be simple, short, and sweet.


We, as an agency, are committed to presenting the best outcomes to our clients. Not only do we understand the importance of Social Media Marketing but also it’s potential to what scales it could take your presence on the Digital Platform.

The creatives that we synthesize depend upon the client’s demand and end-user preferences. Hence it is teamwork in accordance with their demands and us being the creative heads.

We are committed to the subtle use of designs and their amalgamation to make it an outstanding creative. While making a creative, too, we just stick to one motto, and that is,” We stay committed to our work.”
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