Usha and Haridas Charitable Trust: Changing lives of the less fortunate

Desperate situations and challenges faced by economically weaker sections in society are often difficult to express, and can only be experienced. The economic divide in society extends to areas that most individuals are unaware. For instance, 27% of Indian households are known to have at least one outstanding loan. This helps households overcome difficulties through formal or informal loans, or acquire assets or help students take up higher education. In other words, beneficiaries have access to loan instruments to tide over economic crisis or meet requirements. However, there are sections in society that do not have access to these loans. It is these sections of society that Harish Haridas, intends to help through the Usha and Haridas Charitable Trust, through tireless efforts. Harish, also known as Lords Hospital owner son, is the son of eminent surgeon Padma Shri Prof Dr.KP Haridas.

The disparity that hurts the deprived beyond the effects of poverty

A fundamental lack of access to either formal or informal loans makes it virtually impossible for deprived sections of society to meet routine needs, or aspirations, or worse – creates an inability to meet emergency expenses. Community support and assistance from close acquaintances or family is virtually ruled out, as in most instances, these sections of society share the same financial difficulties. Poverty and lack of assistance makes existence increasingly challenging, complex and seemingly futile for many. Suicidal tendencies and reports of entire families entering into suicide pacts are mostly the outcome of financial hardships that have not apparent solution.

Harish Haridas – reaching out to needy sections through the Usha and KP Haridas Trust 

Harish Haridas, continues his acts of philanthropy through the Usha and KP Haridas Trust. The board decides on beneficiaries through a careful screening process that helps to identify needy sections. This process is swift, and intended to offer timely assistance. The trust established by Dr.KP Haridas has stated goals of extending educational assistance, medical assistance and meaningful relief to families and individuals. 

Lords Hospital Trivandrum, established more than two decades ago continues to extend superior health services at affordable costs to help all sections of society. The charitable arm, by extension, continues with the vision, and Harish finds fulfillment in helping society in different ways. The intent to help was born out of personal experiences as Lords Hospital CEO when many patients expressed difficulty in meetings even affordable healthcare expenses. As the hospital operations are governed by a set of rules, processes, the management found it challenging to help individuals and families. The Trust was born out of this need to extend help, without any impact on hospital operations. This helped families meet emergency medical expenses without any delay, thereby saving lives with full compassion and empathy. 

Another important proposed focus of the trust is to extend help to clinics in far flung, inaccessible, remote areas of Kerala. The proposal will look at ways to extend financial assistance or assistance in kind to clinics to ensure that residents of remote areas have access to some healthcare facility. This is under active consideration, and Harish Haridas brings his entrepreneurial skills in helping identify and pursue this proposed help. 

The Trust also helps students of economically weaker sections in society to pursue higher education, apart from meeting basic school and college fee/expenses. These empowering actions are intended to help lift families and sections of society, and helping alleviate misery. Finally, the trust also extends financial assistance to disadvantaged sections in an effort to help meet basic necessities – food, water, clothing. Lack of proper sanitation and lack of access to clean drinking water are contributing factors for poor health and spread of diseases. The Usha and KP Haridas Charitable Trust under the stewardship of Harish Haridas plans to help bring change in society, slowly, steadily, with empathy towards weaker sections of society.

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