Understand about Investment strategy with Manish Yadav in his book, ‘Money Machine’

Money is the most uncanny thing that life seems to be centred around. Consider a bad situation in your life when you have no access to finance at all. Needless to say, money is the most essential commodity that helps you run your life. But, have you ever wondered about the different sources of earning money? Author Manish Yadav’s book “Money Machine” talks about various investment strategies that can help you grow your fortune over time. The book is dedicated to all the youth who wish to develop their career in Forex and Stock Market and achieve financial freedom.

The author describes the concept of investment very intelligently and has a sense of understanding about speculation. Risk is an inevitable part of every business. Every investment is associated with some risk but for future growth and benefits. Every chapter of the book revolves around the different types of investment strategy and how it works. Many misconceptions still exist among people because of which they end up adopting such investments to attract wealth quickly. The book “Money Machine” is an eye-opener for the one who wishes to invest or want to invest and takes you to explore the reality far from preconceived notions with various appealing instances.

Manish Yadav shares his experience of the last five years of his life. The way he had deliberately invested his time and attention unravelling few Forex Industry secrets that made him travel the world. He learned that the only way to get command was through hard work and commitment. It made Manish realize that there is nothing as such that attracts wealth quickly. Patience is the key because every response requires time, and if you are not a patient dealer, then you won’t be able to wait for entries for days or even hours.

The book contains nine chapters wherein each chapter explains the different types of options and strategies associated with them and their do’s and don’ts. The author very clearly demonstrated that there is no room for emotions when it comes to money. Making a deal just because the price is moving may lead you to make a wrong decision. Since all Assets have risks associated with them but a well-documented process helps in risk management. The book gives an insight into the importance of sticking to a strategy that reduces the vulnerability to losses because the market keeps changing, and no –one-size-fits-all solution. Manish has simplified the complexity of Forex trading. The author has made an incredible attempt with the book “Money Machine” covering all the areas of stock trading and foreign exchange from basic, its pros and cons, a framework for building a low-risk portfolio, and teaching all aspiring investors to make the most thoughtful investment decisions. The author breaks down the types of stock and foreign exchange trading and how they work and perform well in the short and long term. Readers will unquestionably find sound investing advice that can be applied tenfold to a top performer in an approachable way.


Author Manish Yadav is an Entrepreneur, Affiliate marketer, Investor, blogger and Cryptocurrency Expert. He hails from a humble middle-class family with a dream to grow big as he feels one needs to dream big to grow big. Like every other entrepreneur, his journey also has been full of ups and downs with daily bumps and bruises. However, he remained energized throughout, focusing only on moving ahead with a long term mission to make a real difference in the world. Indeed, he did make a difference which is evident from his lavish life now after much struggle. However, he has not taken anything for granted as he considers every day a new day of learning because life never stops teaching!

The author shares his words of wisdom that there is no secret to success and growth as he believes that the only way a person can grow is through hard work. Amid his luxurious life, he is always hard at work every day, utilizing his leisure time to study hard and build a network.

Dive into investing strategies and the methodologies with “Money Machine” realizing worldwide. This book is a perfect read for all the young and aspiring new investors making this a great first read for all novice investors to grasp quickly.

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