The success story of Naresh Varma, how they become a successful Indian musical artist, YouTuber

Nowadays, everyone wants to become a successful person. As well with the name, everyone wants fame also. But, here, Naresh Varma started his carrier to become a successful person. According to Naresh Varma, if you get a name, then you will get fame automatically. 

Naresh Varma started his carrier by running a YouTube channel named Naresh 126 first. But, they used a third party and copyrighted video in that channel. That’s why many times, they permanently closed his channel. But, after some time, they started his new channel with the name called Naresh Varma. Now in this channel, provided Music Video & Beats, Instrumental. YouTube officially verified his channel, and they have an official artist channel on YouTube. 

Now, you might be thinking about why YouTube verified Naresh Varma channel as a musical artist. In 2019, he released his first Beat on YouTube. But, after some days, he released this officially on Spotify, youtube music, apple music, Amazon Music, JioSaavan and many others. Naresh Varma has released his soundtracks on foreign music streaming platforms like Deezer, Tidal and Napster. You get Thepssaini music on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook library also.

Naresh Varma is also known as a successful author. He has published his four eBooks on google play store and amazon. He is also known as an Indian author on google. Now, thepssaini is officially verified on google, yahoo and bing as a musical artist and youtube personality. According to Naresh Varma, without hard work, you can’t get success. Just keep following your dreams. Naresh Varma, professionally known as Naresh Varma in the internet world, first started a YouTube channel. Now, he has got some other professional tags too. Besides being an Indian YouTuber, he is also known as a Musical artist.

Naresh Varma started making videos on YouTube in 2019 as Lyrical Videos. First, he uploaded only the Lyrics video. But after some time, he was creating Own Music videos as they got the audience quickly.

If you search about him on YouTube, you will see his channel is verified as a musical artist.

Basically, Naresh Varma released his first soundtrack on Soundcloud in 2019, but after some time, he released that track officially on other music streaming platforms like Google Play Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, and many others. That’s why YouTube officially verified his channel as a musical artist.

Now Naresh Varma helps other individual artists who want to be verified on YouTube. He has helped more than 1000+ individual artists, and now they are also verified on YouTube.

Naresh Varma is an Independent Certified Artist founder of Gangster Music Records (Record Label) 

Naresh Varma is a verified personality on Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo & Many Music Platforms like:- Apple Music, shazam, Spotify, Jio Saavn, Resso, Amazon Music, Musixmatch, Boomplay, Deezer etc. He was born on 16th March 2001. His first YouTube channel is Naresh126, which he started in 2016. In this channel, he posted some videos done by others after editing. In 2019, he created another channel with the name Naresh Varma and started posting his content. 

Naresh Varma as an Artist ( Music Producer, Rapper, Singer & Songwriter):

Naresh Varma is an Indian Music Producer, Rapper and Song Writer. He is the First Music Producer Of Jhodhpura Village. He started music production from the 10th class. He had to do his own work. In May 2019, he was introduced to the music industry. His First Work was Music Publishing as a Music Producer. Today, Naresh Varma is a Globally Digital Music Distributor. He helps all Independent Artists to sell music Worldwide in 240 Countries & 350 Stores + Websites in over 17 Languages.

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