The Kashmir Pulse: A new forum for young writers and poets

Srinagar: The Kashmir Pulse, a leading news portal based in Kashmir, is doing its journalistic obligations and expanding its borders to cover more and more domains on a worldwide scale with each passing day.

This portal has become a forum for authors, poets, and artists to display their skills due to its reach and many followers on various social networking sites.

Given the reach of the news website on different social networking sites and its popularity among literary circles, writers from various countries, including the US, Nepal, etc., prefer to publish their work in the online portal. It has published works by foreign authors from Nepal, the United States, and Iran.

The Kashmir Pulse recently hosted a series of literary events, including open mic sessions, poetry sessions, and book reading sessions, which aided in the empowerment of young authors.

Pertinently, Jammu & Kashmir has witnessed a new breed of young writers in the past few years. However, it is the only news portal that has come forward to guide and promote young talent.

The online portal is now releasing a poetry anthology titled “Perplexed Thoughts – Tales from Kashmir,” which includes works by 35 different authors. This is a unique concept when no media entity is interested in harnessing young talent.

Aasif Ganaie, Editor of the news portal, says, “In the recent months before the second wave of COVID-19, we successfully conducted a series of literary events like open mic sessions, poetry sessions, and book launches. That helped empower the young participant writers.”

KashmirPulse.Com explores and brings to the fore the unheard, unsung talent which others neglect. It has been making efforts to bring positive change in society by bringing stories from all facets.

The articles that appear in ‘The Kashmir Pulse’ are clear, lucid, and focus on all sides of the story, while many questions are also raised that most readers do not consider.

The website is not just an online platform; it is a home for many homeless artists. For many bright people, it offers a beacon of hope. It has had a significant impact on the blossoming and promotion of literature in our valley and other parts of the world.

“I am grateful that we have such a strong voice in the media, which does not hesitate to let people speak their mind on diverse issues,” Sakeena Jabeen, one of the contributors of the news portal, says.

Besides, it provides a comprehensive collection of news covering art, literature, and other domains.

The teamwork of the people behind this platform is highly commended because it is only as a consequence of their hard work and ingenuity that such a platform exists in Kashmir.

It is noteworthy to mention that the news portal was launched on July 15, 2014, with the primary aim to provide its readers credible and authentic news.

Here is a link to one of the videos of Open Mic Sessions organized by The Kashmir Pulse, wherein the portals’s Editor, Aasif Ganaie, played a pivotal role.

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