The fastest growing real estate and marketing company Digital Estate announced its expansion to Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali

Today, Digital marketing has become a vital element of every corporate structure, regardless of whether you work in the telecom sector, the energy industry, or FMCG products. And for the real estate business, staying current with digital marketing trends is essential. It allows you to reach out to more people and generate leads.

One of the top real estate marketing and sales companies, Digital Estate, recently collaborated with Chandigarh-based Nilanjan Reality to stay on top of 360-degree digital marketing and sales techniques. We are establishing projects like DLF Valley Panchkula, DLF Hyde Park New Chandigarh, Marbella Grand IT City Mohali, and Bazaar DLF Valley Panchkula, among others in tribal cities like Mohali, Panchkula, and Chandigarh. The digital estate has now become the exclusive company for the firm.

Given that Chandigarh is the most well-known builder in the nation, specialists in the digital estate industry believe there is a sizable market for marketing services, with Chandigarh having the most significant potential. The company aims to connect all the tri-cities between Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh to grow the business by utilizing innovative business practices and effective commercial and marketing strategies.

With partnership DE has become the exclusive company for Nilanjan Reality. Seeing the potential in the real estate sector in Tricity chandigarh we plan to explore the tricity real estate market to expand our business,” says our promoter, Oshikka Lumb, founder, and director of the company.

On the Marketing side, “These days, content is very powerful, by using content related to videos, youtube videos and virtual tours all combined with the correct marketing plan, can achieve tremendous results in developing a lead generating and sales funnel that benefits real estate developers. We aim to create an active presence of real estate players for sales in the Tricity of chandigarh. ” says our marketing head, Khushi Sabharwal

On the Digital Marketing side, “As a leading digital marketing and digital estate firm we have now established a great digital 360 strategy. Within a span of one month we have generated 10,000 leads for leading brands and real estate business by ensuring Roi matrix on rate of investment. So we are planning the same in the tricity to expand our expertise.” says our Digital Marketing Manager, Vipin Rathore.

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