The amazing initiative done by Young entrepreneurs Roshan Kumar named “The online attorney.”

Young entrepreneurs Roshan Kumar and Harsh Gupta started the company “The online attorney.” It began in 2021 in March. 

Even Roshan Kumar is the founder of manage media, and social medium and foundation the online attorney is registered in start-up India with the valuation of 13million Indian rupee both founder (Roshan) and co-founder (Harsh) of the online attorney. 

Both belong to a middle-class families, and they started from scratch and struggled for 1 year for their start-up and funding. One minister helps with their funding. It’s going to be a unicorn start-up in the upcoming year. The website and control panel is live for team members. Leaks say publicly live within the next two months public is waiting after the leaks for the conviction even Roshan Kumar is very excited to launch their platform for those who need the services.  

Full of lawyers and tied with the bar council of India 

About entrepreneurs 

Roshan belongs to the middle class and lives in west Delhi. Approx age 21 years. The first company to manage media opens on lockdown. And, also have a matrimonial site name not specified. The social medium is another part of online promotions.

In India, till 101 unicorn start-ups, we hope so this one is also going to be unicorns.  

Launching after 1.5 years, they worked very hard for the online attorney covering PAN India to work out. For now, everything is visible for link holders. 

The online attorney is well funded by founder’s  

But they face many situations time struggle, hard work, and lack of funds. In interviews, they said one day they don’t have any money to start their projects. In future, they have many plans to upgrade the application like education for all and CA services, CS services and consultation for growing businesses, and many more. 

We also tried the application in the testing phase UI (user interface) is very simple and, clean, easy to use. Anyone can use they also use Ai (artificial intelligence) for a better experience and to understand their need. Neat & clean UI is easy to learn and use very smooth, and we are also waiting for a public version application to be available for both Android and iOS devices so no one can dissatisfy. The online attorney is for everyone, and the founders also said this project is everything for both.

And this is done or die situation for us, and they waited around 1.5 years to launch their start-up. Currently, they started the tasks in Delhi NCR for now, and after getting achievement in the NCR region, they will work in tear 2 and 3 cities to provide employment and services. Once the tasks are done, we are also able to enjoy their services at very low prices. The start-up of the online attorney creates employment for Indian advocates and provides services at minimum prices under the bar council of India. We are also hoping everything is completed successfully.


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