Taran Peddu – A Super Fan of Dhoni

There is no surprise in hearing the significant fan following of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Age has got no restriction for love towards Dhoni. People of all ages keep loving him. Such is the greatness of “Thala Dhoni.”

This Super kid named “Taran Peddu” will turn just ten years this December, but his love for Dhoni is far beyond his age.

Taran is basically from Vizag, but he stays in Australia along with his parents. The love for Dhoni is in his blood, and the same has transpired from his uncle Praveen Balusu who keeps idolizing Dhoni. Taran staying in Australia does not keep him away from following Dhoni. He holds a track of Dhoni, Team India and Chennai Super Kings. Taran’s house in Vizag is decorated with Dhoni and CSK goodies. He grew watching all these, and the images have got stemmed in his brain.

His curiosity had made him learn who Dhoni is and the mesmerizing beauty of the game of Cricket, Team India and Chennai Super Kings. Out of his love for Dhoni and CSK, Taran celebrated his Dhoti function by giving away adorable CSK gifts like CSK bags, CSK water bottles, CSK key chains, CSK t-shirts, CSK toys, CSK books, CSK calendars, etc. to all the guests. Generally, one gets to see kids keeping all the precious items to themselves, but Taran had distributed them to all the guests. He said he wants to spread the aroma of “Yellove” to everyone, thereby sending good wishes to Dhoni and CSK. Isn’t it lovely to see such an “Yellovely” emotion from a Super kid!

Asides being a staunch follower of Dhoni, Taran is also an avid reader of books. He picks a lot of books from his school library and keeps reading them. He says he finds it very interesting to explore and understand new areas while reading books. 

He feels very proud when he says there is a strange connection for him with Dhoni. The fact that Dhoni hit his first International century in Vizag, that he won the One-day World Cup and IPL in 2011, the year when Taran was born and that Dhoni announced his retirement from Tests while in Australia – all these he connects himself to his home town Vizag, his year of birth and his place of stay. He ensures to send his Yellovely wishes to Dhoni and CSK every now and then.

While kids might have interests in various aspects, their parent’s role is crucial at the same time. Taran’s parents – Sravanthi and Raghunanda, support is worth noting. They indeed have been enacting an enormous role in the upbringing of Taran. They realized his love for Dhoni at an early age, and they do support him in expressing his love for Dhoni.

One will be spellbound to hear from Taran – “There is no glory in practice but without practice there is no glory”. A simple statement but with tremendous depth of treasured meaning. This is a surprising statement at an early age, but he says this keeps him going all the time. He gets surprised, saying that despite Dhoni being a stalwart of the beautiful game of Cricket, he still keeps practising and honing his skills. Taran learned from this. He says to grow in life to great heights, one needs to keep honing their skills. This is an excellent point picked by Taran from his idol Dhoni.

When one asks Taran more about Dhoni, he says – “What stands out with Dhoni is his inherent ability to stay calm. Let that be a win or a loss, his stays ultimately calm. Not just he stays calm but he also brings a sense of calmness to everyone around him. Dhoni is a great person but look at his down to earth simplicity. He is the super best of the best. There are lots and lots of aspects to learn from him. I miss being at the ground and watch him play but my love for him will always be right up there at the peak.”

It’s beautiful to visualize and articulate such great learnings at an early age. Wishing the Super Fan Taran Peddu all the very best in his life, like his idol Dhoni.

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