Tanul Mittal: The passionate, creative expert, a graphic designer that is building brands with his compelling graphics

“Professional graphic designer Tanul Mittal has worked with major brands like Flipkart, Organic Harvest and many more.”

An effective graphic design is a critical component that helps build brand awareness as it visually communicates the business’s picture. It helps to build your brand’s unique identity along with the style that allows you to stand out in the crowd. Creating an eye-catching and solid design is essential for every business for a positive and long-lasting impression. Introducing one such talented and artistic soul whose creativity in graphic designing enhanced visual interpretation with a wowness in brand popularity like Flipkart, Organic Harvest, etc.

Passionate personality Tanul Mittal is a professional graphic designer with many hats. He is a Brand Designer and a Design Marketer with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry, digital marketing industry, and mobile industry. He has rich experience in managing multiple projects, brand consultation, marketing, and idea creation with the skill set of Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Project Management, video editing, UI/UX. As a freelancer, he has worked with many top-notch brands like Flipkart, P&G, and many more in the past. With a bachelor’s degree in Designing and Animation, Tanul employs tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Figma to design and for Animated content like short videos and GIFs. He uses Premiere Pro, Final cut, and Adobe After Effects. 

Indeed, the use of world-class creatives for brand building and advertising in digital marketing is currently booming. Hence, the demand for specialized graphic designers is also on the rise. Tanul’s creative designs represent the brands’ personality with the communication of an essential message to the target audience. The plethora of graphic designing services offered by Tanul includes:

– Graphic & Visual Designing with the application of visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, where typography and pictures play a vital role for users’ specific needs like info graphics, newsletters, Brochures, Images for websites and blogs, Email marketing templates, Social Media ads, and banners and many more, Web page design and Theme design.

– Brand & Identity Designing is like choosing the name, designing the logo, using colors, shapes, and other visual elements for promotions.

The creative personality Tanul also had a strange knack for displaying his innovative ideas in the form of designing and art. His unique content fueled with abstract, humorous and what not is being recognized by the people via his Instagram account (@soundhumor). His fantastic art and groundbreaking design capture the heart and minds of audiences around the globe. His innovative talent in his field is becoming a source of inspiration for aspiring Graphic designers and artists to create something even more significant.

Tanul remains client-centric in his dealings, focusing on creating the best experience for his clients by building brand loyalty. His superior service strives to create a unique long-term relationship with the client. He always keeps himself updated with his innovative and out-of-the-box solutions. His professionalism and expertise make him stand apart from the crowd. 

In his words, “Keeping yourself updated is the key, it’s a survival skill. Being a graphic designer it is imperative to have a creative mindset to deliver exactly what needs to be conveyed through a design. The design has to persuasive. If you tend to improve your skillset, you must find inspiration in everything you do and surround yourself with passion.”

Tanul is also a fan of the author David Ogilvy and admires his book “Confessions of an Advertising Man.” He recommends the book to everyone who wants to learn about communication towards the designs and people around them.

A professional and skilled Graphic designer certainly plays an active role in delivering the brand message uniquely. A creative expert and a visual storyteller like Tanul can do wonders for your brand and elevate them to a considerable extent.

Visit – https://tanulmittal.com and learn more about the talented Tanul Mittal and his creativity.

You can also connect with him via Instagram – @tanul.designs /@artsbytanul / @soundhumor

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