Sumedh Joshi: A digital entrepreneur and a growth hacker who is helping people to grow and earn money from Social media

“With an aim to help small business & people to grow, Sumedh Joshi has clocked a turnover of 2 million in 7 months, estimating it to cross 1 cr by the year end 2021.”

The internet world is an integral part of everyone’s life, and it has created innumerable opportunities. The situation of the Covid-19 pandemic has observed a sharp rise of a craze in people getting entrepreneurial with the potential of new concepts and implementing the same with discoveries into transitioning something more valuable and appealing to the market and its audience. That’s what a digital entrepreneur does at a zenith level with 3.2 billion people in the market and from the comfort of their home with the power of the internet and just a smartphone with the same vision, determination, persistence, and creativity—introducing such hardworking and successful digital entrepreneur Sumedh Joshi leaves no stone unturned in imparting the business ideas with people and help them grow.

In digitization, Social media is considered the best platform to earn and create one’s brand name, and Sumedh Joshi is the live example. Sumedh started his journey 3 years back with a dream in his eyes and creativity in his blood with a return of unending accomplishment and success that people have never imagined. He decided to change his life and made it possible with a revenue of 2 million in just 7 months that was seemingly impossible. 

Born and brought up in a small town of Sangli, Maharashtra, Sumedh has learned and implemented courses on digital marketing, public speaking, and Instagram mastery and helping small businesses to grow, big businesses to elevate to sky level, and every individual to grow and earn from social media. He is an international Boxing player who represented India at “World Games 2017” and won a gold medal alongside various other awards. He has attended an uncountable number of events and programs, and he keeps on providing pieces of training and workshops to aspiring digital entrepreneurs. 

Sumedh began earning money as an ‘Affiliate Marketer’ with a sharp consistency level and saying no to anything and gave a new wing to his dreams. He never sees the problem as a problem. He takes every problem as a challenge and keeps working on it with consistency until he overcomes that problem with a solution. He believes nothing comes so easy; success comes with hard work, dedication, patience, and consistency. He strives to make everyone financially independent by turning able, educated, and creative people into entrepreneurs with more opportunities. By far, he has trained more than 50,000 people and helped them earn online. 

Sumedh’s flexible mindset and not being afraid of failure attitude made him the person he ever dreamt of. Any geopolitical border does not restrict his mindset. He understands his niche is larger, so he could take it to a global level. When imparted with passionate and enthusiastic people, his ideas built credibility and trust, and this way, he has helped many transform their lives with financial stability.

He says, “Unveiling your idea to the world can be bit hustling but if you do so with a specific and strategic skill in a smart and innovative way then those hustle won’t look like a hustle.”

If you are the one who wants to learn and earn money online and help others to do so, then learn the process from Sumedh Joshi and transform your life. Connect with him from the below-mentioned links of Instagram and Facebook. You can also learn about the process of earning money online from his Youtube videos.

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