Staying calm in this fast-paced life.

Are you the one who is running throughout the 24 hours from one task to another, from one thought to another? Are you thinking about what productive work you are doing throughout the day? Is this leading to frustration and unhappiness?

Happiness/Well-being or Fulfillment is the 4th basic necessity after food, clothing & shelter. It’s a positive attitude where a person lives his life with enthusiasm, energy, and a positive outlook. This happens when a person focuses on all aspects of his life – Health, Wealth, Career, Relations, and Self-Development.

Happiness & mental wellness are among the top searched keywords as people have now understood that happiness is all inside, and they want to know how to find an answer to it.

Here are seven key habits for a life full of Happiness & Fulfillment.

  1. Gratitude

Our willingness to achieve more creates anxiety, whereas fulfillment comes when one is Thankful for everything that is being granted to them. Be thankful for the human life and then count blessings in terms of a full-fledged body, parents, education, lifestyle, wealth, health & relations.

Science has proved that writing a ‘Gratitude Journal’ helps you become happier. All you need to do is write about three things you are Thankful for before going to bed. This enables you to think positively while sleeping, and your subconscious mind also attracts a feeling of well-being.


We have always been taught to Receive, so we keep on running to get more and more rather than being thankful for what we have. Never ever do we think of how to give it back to society, to the people who need it more, to everyone who is deserving. 

Giving doesn’t always have to be monetary, but even a smile, appreciation, time, and helping hand does wonder. Learn about how and what you can give to the people who are in need. The feeling that you can support brings happiness inside.

Shawn Achor – the famous Positive Psychologist, has talked about this habit as ‘Doubler’ as this makes both the receiver & the giver happier.

3.Mental Exercises

Happiness is a state of strength – both physical & mental. One can be happier only when his body is healthy. 

Develop healthy habits like 15 minutes of Physical exercise (where you sweat) and spend time improving your Mental Well-being by sleeping for 7 hours (between 10 PM – 7 AM), 10 minutes of Meditation where you are Conscious of your breadth and be Mindful which means helping your mind to focus on what is in the present than being anxious about the future.

4.Starting the day well

Mornings are so critical, especially how you spend your first few minutes as soon as you wake up. Wake up early to set the tone for the rest of the day. Rather than checking emails/ social media, I prefer spending time in peace in the morning, like sitting outside, experiencing the sunrise, doing yoga/ meditation, having a cup of tea/ coffee, and feeling your surroundings, maybe some reading. 

You wake up with what you sleep with. So, make sure you don’t sleep with your worries. Hence write a Gratitude journal before going to bed, so you sleep with positivity and then wake up with happiness.

5.Taking time for Self

We live a very hectic life where we have everything but time. We are slowly moving to technologies that help us save time but are we saving time for ourselves to enjoy or to spend it on our worries?

Take dedicated time for yourself, which you can spend following your passion or hobbies. Listen to music, cook food, go play, read books, or spend time with the ones who really matter but do something that makes you feel accomplished & productive

6.Knowing your Purpose

‘The main purpose of our life is to find the true purpose of our life.’ 

People spend years and sometimes lives to find what keeps them going. This can be short-term or long-term, but it should give you the power to wake up every morning. Find your IKIGAI. It makes it even meaningful if your purpose is to live for others.

7.Staying among Happy people

A study was done by Psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky’ has proved that 10% of happiness depends upon your external circumstances, but this plays a critical role in developing a happy mindset.

It’s said that you are an average of 5 people you are surrounded with, so make sure you choose them wisely. Staying surrounded with happy people makes you stay happier since happiness is contagious.

Rajat Khatri ( is a Certified Happiness Coach and Author of Amazon Bestseller – 10 Keys to Attain happiness – backed by data-based Research ( He has coached over 1000 students, corporates & individuals. He is reachable at 

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