Sourabh Kumar Singh – A successful entrepreneur 

You didn’t need to be a topper to become a successful person, says 29 years old Sourabh Singh, who runs his own business in Delhi. Sourabh (Binu) childhood was full of trouble. He lost his father at a very young age. His mom Meena Devi is one of the main reasons for his success, which motivated him to do something. Sourabh belongs from Kutumba Bihar, but his dad was working in Delhi, so the whole family shifted to Delhi after the demise of the real dad family was in a lousy phase no one was there to support, but Sourabh mom doesn’t lose any hope her priority was to educate her children. Sourabh did his schooling at school Rajkiya Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya East Vinod Nagar. He was not interested in studies from starting itself, so he started working soon after graduating from Delhi University as his family was facing issues.

After working for two years, he learned the work. He started His own business with Apex technical multi-support LLP, where he started at a small office. Now the office and staff are increased in his family Sourabh is a role model of many youngsters who want to be like Sourabh says he doesn’t even take holidays on Sunday for him work comes first sometime during Diwali holidays he uses to go on trips. His employees use to praise him a lot that if they work for 12 hours Sourabh sir work for more than 12 hours, he is first to come in the office and last to leave he is very determined and punctual he treats all of them as his family. 

Other than work, Sourabh loves to watch new series shopping, and he is also a foodie. His favourite show is Bhabhi Ji Ghar pe hai.

Due to a fund issue in the startup, he had a partner who invested in his idea. Now Sourabh has run that business successfully under him, more than 40 people work. His main work is to provide software solutions to the client. He got an offer from the USA three years back, but he rejected it because his family was more important. He has a younger sister Prachi Singh who is Company Secretariat now working In Coefficient Solution says his elder brother supported her a lot. He sacrificed a lot to fulfil her needs. He never complained. He made sure that his sister should study whatever she wanted to in his family. Many opposed, but he always supported her. Sourabh says his next goal is to expand his business. 

Sourabh mom says she was worried about starting when Sourabh doesn’t study a lot, but she is now pleased and proud to see his son doing this much good with fewer resources. She says they had compromise many things due to lack of resources, but now things are changed. She further added determination and hard work could help you to attain your dreams. Talking to Sourabh, he says it was challenging to carry all the responsibilities, but he never loosed hope. Many ups and downs came, but he continued working and will be doing it in future too.

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