Shilpa Girdhar Inspires People to Begin Healthy Lifestyle in 2020

A Renowned Haryana born Certified Sports Nutritionist and Health Influencer, Shilpa Girdhar is aspiring people to begin the journey of healthy lifestyle in 2020. Shilpa currently resides at Mumbai, and has worked as a senior sales manager after completing Masters in Business Administration, yet she chooses health and lifestyle as her main forte to serve joy to others, by making them fit.

Shilpa’s journey started when she was a housewife back in 2017 with aerobics and active learning. Shilpa made a remarkable success by losing her weight from 110kgs to 55kgs in a period of 6 months in order to stay healthy.

“Start your journey today, I know it’s not easy to start loving yourself by today but it’s not as difficult as you probably believe it is,” a few inspirational words by Shilpa Girdhar. Shilpa not only helps people to be fit but also helps them to build their sense of worthiness within themselves. 

Kayla Itsines, Krissy Cela, Sonali Swami are whom Shilpa gets inspired from, and Shilpa is the one by whom thousands of people get inspired in real life as well as through social media like Youtube, Instagram and online classes. Shilpa introduced TDEE, Total Daily Energy Expenditure, to all of her clients to apply at home in transforming their bodies healthy with a more balanced and natural lifestyle.

Shilpa also introduced her clients to her diet back in 2017 with a transformation program, through which she was able to lose 55 kg with a healthy diet; including oats, eggs, tofu, almond milk, feta, avocado ET cetera to also become fit along with  proper workout routine. Following this regime helped her to maintain a healthy weight as per her body within 6 months.

A Mumbai based certified fitness coach and training influencer, Shilpa Girdhar inspiring youth by sharing tips and training since 2017. One of the prominent fitness trainers and influencers, started her journey of fitness in 2017. Shilpa reduced her own weight at the age of 35, from 110kgs to 55kgs in a period of 6 months to be fit with a healthy and natural diet. She started learning aerobics at home and hasn’t stopped learning about fitness since then. The constant desire of Shilpa led her to get certified from ACE in Nutrition and Sports Science.

“If you still feel like weight lifting will give you a manly look. So, my dear you are in myth, you’ll become even stronger and fit,” an orthodox message from Shilpa to youth. “The benefits of weight lifting include building muscles, burning fat, strengthening bones and joints, low injury risk and improving heart and health. Yet to lift weight safely, is to take proper form and rest,” she further adds. Being Physically active is just as critical as for youth, and even more challenging to incorporate into their hectic schedules. Shilpa is not only aspiring youth but also removing the blockage of myths from the minds of the young generation.

Shilpa, in one of interactions with the audience in Q&A sessions via Instagram, A young client asked her general questions in order to get fit; We Need to do Cardio Every day? Eat salad only? Can we skip Fat? Or Heavy Fasting? These are the only ways to get fit? To this Shilpa replied, anything can be possible with consistency, balance, patience and positive attitude. All these factors help in the journey of weight loss but not in the journey of staying fit throughout life.

A life-long fitness trainer, Shilpa has changed many lives by not only using personal training but also educating youth via social media giants like YouTube and Instagram, to provide diet tutorials and workout regimens. Shilpa herself, is learning everyday about fitness and health and aspires the youth to do so.

Shilpa says, no matter from where you start, just don’t give up in between, you can start learning more about fitness from youtube and start practising it in real life. Understand how much it interests you and still if you find the urge to give yourself more into it. Practice and practice everyday. Be consistent, learn a course, amplify the number, go for a good certification, help other people in growing and you won’t even realise when people will start admiring you and people will start calling you a fitness aspirant and trainer.

“You spend your time doing parties in the New Year and having tasty food, why not add a taste of health and fitness in your wellbeing in 2020” says Shilpa. Also she actively takes care of her clients by constantly introducing immunity boosters and advising food like citrus fruits, garlic, ginger, turmeric along with new discounts on training and spreading awareness about fitness via her social media handles @shilpagirdharofficial and @fitnesscoachshilpa on instagram.

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