Real talent knows no bounds – Story of a musician, Sourav Sharma.”

Failure is not a permanent blocker in the path of success if you are enthusiastic about anything. There is no progress without any struggle. What defines at the end is how you have persevered and did not give up despite facing various adversities. Sourav Sharma is such a personality, a musician whose strength glorified him despite several struggles to reach a position today.

 Sourav Sharma, born on 12/08/1995, is well known as Sourav, a music composer, lyricist, and music producer by profession whose journey towards success was not easy but filled with setbacks. Still, his success was predestined even if it has taken longer than usual. His journey as a musician started in 2014, but unfortunately, fate had something else in store for him. Due to some uncertainties, he had to pause everything for six long years. Giving up even in difficulties was not meant to be in his dictionary, and this devotedness of him for music made him resume all over again in the year 2020 with a new start-up and new beginning.

His forte lies in making pop Latin hip hop music apart from other kinds of music. Initially, though, it was tough for him to get going with everything as he was not getting much response from his music on YouTube. But the one who tries never to give up, and after one long year, he recorded his first single with the music distribution company “songtradr” and released it on 26th Jan 2021. Lamentedly, the response from his single track was not good in number, and he felt this was not what he wanted though he could release a solo track that was not enough for him; however, he never lost any hope and decided to give it another final shot.

 Eventually, he came up with a Music album with the name of “Music is life” and released it on his music label production name “Sourav4s”. The album ‘Music is life’ consists of eight music beats: Wrong Route, Emotional Sad Piano Beat, Trap on the Route, Vibes, Hip to the Hop, Squeezy Beats, Dubstepp, Arabic Urban, and Devotional Anthem. Right in front of the eyes, in few days, the album has become a mega-hit, and even now, the album and the music are growing day by day. He had 150k to 200k views on youtube on single music named “Trap on the Route,” and subsequently, the same is trending on iTunes at #74. He also has 3k+ Spotify followers, and his music was also featured on 50+ websites, and the same is also available on Amazon.Com. 

Sourav Sharma from Jaipur is specialized in singing in the genre of Bhangra, Indi Pop, Raggaeton, Rap, Pop, Hip-Hop. The choice of the said genre was an inspiration from the famous and iconic singer Yo Yo Honey Singh, and since 2011 he has been his biggest fan. Besides being a music maker and a lyricist, Sourav is a meme maker as well. He has a keen interest in listening to all kinds of music. He enjoys watching web series and playing cricket.

The world is full of musicians and singers whose journey towards success was a kind of topsy turvy ride but only to achieve massive success down the road. This open and connected world of music and talent emerges every day from all corners of the globe, but the one who stays authentic survives, making Sourav stand out. He crafted his sounds and beats, found new ways to reach out to his listeners by visiting strong. He lost his sleep over it when he was consistently failing, but for him, music was his life, like if he didn’t make music, he would die. In front of his stubbornness, even destiny had to kneel and made success touch his feet. Instead, he created his future with hard work!

Sourav always says to his budding musicians to act cool under any circumstances because the music world is such that people may like your music at times, but at times they might not enjoy your music. Even when his album did not receive a good response, he was calm and still showed a lot of love for the audience, which encouraged him to create his music label production ‘Sourav4s’. His meticulous planning and his ambitious nature drove him to achieve his goals as an artist. He is all set to launch his next album S.T.F.U soon.

Sourav’s inspiring success story hence proved that achievement without hard work and patience is impossible. An idle person never achieves anything in life that waits for an opportunity to come. A person must get up and search for a chance through hard work. Nothing happens overnight, and it’s the price you pay for what you are going to get. So the hard work, together with the time it takes, is a must on your journey to success.

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