Praveen Balusu – Dhoni Devotee

There are billions of fans for Mahendra Singh Dhoni across the World. But few stand out in their immense love for Dhoni, and Praveen Balusu is one of them.

Praveen Balusu, a B.Tech, MBA professional, is from Vizag and is currently working as a Senior Vice President in In-Solutions Global Ltd, Mumbai. He is an ardent fan of Thala Dhoni. He idolizes Dhoni to the core that he models himself in the footsteps of Dhoni. 

Praveen supports and cheers for Team India round the clock, and during the IPL, his support is all for his favourite yellovely team Chennai Super Kings.

While Dhoni is an inspiration for Praveen, he is an inspiration for many around him. He carries a bundle of energy and infuses the same to everyone. Praveen had written a couple of books out of his passion, the first of which is “A Dawn in the Lawn” – a book on Dhoni and Team India’s success in the 2011 World Cup. His second book is “The Scream of the Dream”, a Love story. Meeting Dhoni and taking his autograph on his book is the most memorable moment for Praveen.

Take a walk in Praveen’s house. One will get to see Dhoni and CSK decorated at every corner. He ensures good buzz for Dhoni and CSK at every space he enters.

When one asks Praveen what he had learned from Dhoni, he is quick to say it’s Leadership Inspiration. In his words – “There are many things which I keep learning from Dhoni. At the top of all those, it has to be leadership. Not just we the fans but billions across the world do keep learning the nuances of leadership by looking at Dhoni”.

When we ask Praveen to explain leadership, he says – “It’s all about Intent and Intention. When I say about Intent, it’s all about attitude and aggression to win. Intention is all about leading from front. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to choose Lea“DARE”ship or Lea”DARR”ship. Read carefully, these words make a difference. Every one of us might not be destined for success but every one of us should be determined for success. So, everyone should wake up the Leader in them. Show the right path for the people to follow. A Leader should ensure “Network” within the team and only then this “Network” will turn into “Net Worth” for the Organization. A leader will not harp on the cause of a problem rather focuses on the emblem of victory. Think deeply and wake up the Leader in You. Come out with the right choice and express your talent with a strong voice. I repeat, few might be great because there were destined to but few are great because they are determined to. It’s all about willingness to take that extra step with the right thought.”

Praveen continues to say, “I have learnt all these aspects from Dhoni and all these have indeed helped me grow in my life. Dhoni is my Leader and he will be my Leader always”.

And, Praveen idolizing Dhoni, he says:

“Dhoni’s smile makes a statement

His style makes a statement

His looks make a statement

His walk makes a statement

His words make a statement

His decisions make a statement

There is something in Dhoni – his charisma, his aura, his calmness, his smile – that makes everyone fall in love with him and that something is everything for me and for this everything, I will always be ready to do anything.”

“Dhoni is the Master, he is the Super King of Cricket, and he exhibits an epitome of character, which is what keeps inspiring billions across.

He talks; he inspires

He walks; he inspires

He smiles; he inspires

He plays; he inspires

Dhoni is a great ambassador of India Cricket

He is a great ambassador of World Cricket

He is a great ambassador of the Sport as a whole”

Praveen had also connected Cricket with Fans with this beautiful rhythmic poem:

“Cricket needs Teams…

Teams need Players…

Players need Skills…

Skills need Practice…

Practice needs Passion…

Passion needs Heart…

Heart needs Love…

Love comes from the Fans…”

A beautiful quote from the Super Fan Praveen Balusu.

Praveen says – “Dhoni forever will be my Hero, my Role Model, my Leader, my Inspiration, my Legend, my Thala and my Champion. One Life, One Love and that’s Dhoni. A study of his life will indeed give a huge insight to all the young aspirants”.

Praveen is forever Dhoni Devotee and can be connected through:     

Twitter: @praveenbalusu1

Instagram: @praveenbalusu7        



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