PPL Making Images Speak Louder Than Words With Eye-Catching Locations

Perfect Picture Location is the most trending photo-shoot location in Punjab, where all your photo-shoot requirements are fulfilled by experts. From Pre-Wedding photo-shoot & baby shoot to E-Commerce Product Shoot, Model Shoot or Outdoor Campaign Shoot, you can enjoy all Photography Services under one roof.

Perfect Picture Location justify the statement “Images Speak Louder Than Words”, images captured at wide variety of locations & backdrops here are worthwhile in drawing attention and attracting people on your social feed. Not only couple-based photo-shoot & themes, PPL also offers Photo-shoot locations & sets for all ecommerce categories like garments, jewellery, footwear, watches, sunglasses, luxury handbags, clutches, electronic items, home appliances, toys, mattresses, home & furnishing items, sportswear, kitchen appliances, handicraft items, or any other accessories.

Laid out in a vast spread area of 15 acres of prime land near Mohali in Punjab, ‘Perfect Picture Location’ (PPL) provides a perfect background to meet all the requirements for your pre-wedding, fashion, music video, ad film, commercial, maternity, baby, brand photo shoots & much more. PPL also provides 5000+ props to give an additional touch to you & create a perfect shot. Equipped with a make-up room / dressing room, we provide a surfeit of backgrounds and settings, both man-made and natural. PPL has natural landscapes and foliage, lending to both fashion and wedding photography. Perfect for creative photography, The Perfect Picture Location has huge tracts of land perfectly suited for long shots and motion photography. PPL additionally provide a large number of custom designed backdrops and props, which may be setup earlier at cost price.

Business needs pictures & pictures need great photography locations. The uniqueness, which differentiate PPL from other Photo studio’s and locations, is their ability to help the photographers & models with perfect angles, lighting, camera focus, aspect ratio, exposure, composition, colour exposure, and many more things.

Fashion Photography has developed its own aesthetic in the ecommerce industry in which garments and fashion accessories need special attention to cater each and every facet of the product for your customers to make their purchase decision. With great locations, props & backdrops, we focus on your brand’s personality, and give it recognition with high-quality images which doubles the chances of product sales.

PPL heartily invite expert and recreational photographers to enjoy a wholesome treat for pre-wedding, maternity shoots, fashion, magazine and product shoots. Each area will unveil your innovative facets being used at the best!

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