PickMyAd raised strategic fund round to establish itself as the pioneer booking platform of influencer marketing

Synopsis / gist:

  • PickMyAd, an ad-tech startup for Influencer marketing, aims to build the first Redbus for brands to connect with Influencers. 
  • This seed round has attracted many angel investors, including Suresh Sambandham, Founder & CEO of Kissflow, Prashanth, VP – Amwell (USA), among others. 
  • Earlier this year, PickMyAd raised pre-seed funds via the Startup India program.

PickMyAd, an Influencer ad booking platform – the first of its kind in this niche raised an undisclosed sum in its second pre-seed funding round. The angels invested include Suresh Sambandham(Founder & CEO of Kissflow), Prashanth(VP of Amwell, USA), Jegan Selvaraj(CEO of Entrans), Praveen Kumar, Prabhu Rangarajan(CEO of IppoPay) and Mohan K(CEO of IppoPay) Thilak (CEO of Thilash & Maxyfi), Dr.Sudhir Raja Ravindran(Attorney-At-Law, at Altacit Global). 

Earlier this year, this company raised pre-seed funding from Startup India led by Vel tech Incubation center.

PickMyAd aims to connect brands with Influencers in a few clicks by leveraging technology. The company is in the progress of improving the existing platform, where one can sign up as a brand or influencer on the platform for free. Influencers after connecting their Instagram account or YouTube channel can create an ad space. On the other side, brands can view the available ad space of Influencers and book them directly for promotion. 

“The creators driven sales and brand growth have started to shine brighter in the last few years, yet it has many dimensions left unexplored. With PickMyAd, we have achieved a self-serve semi-SaaS platform as the go-to destination for brands to collaborate with Influencers across geographics. The strategic investment will be used to build other revenue streams and creator tools that will enable the creators to monetise in different ways.” said Prabu Dass, CEO & Co-founder of PickMyAd. 

With PickMyAd, the brands after their booking get accepted by the Influencer, they can chat with them directly within the platform itself. The platform allows brands to manage all their campaigns in a single powerful dashboard. Every stage of the process is automated to reduce all manual efforts.

The traditional way of executing multiple Influencer campaigns that atleast takes two-three weeks of time and effort can now be completed in a matter of mins through their platform. This is possible as PickMyAd eliminated the old way of cold emails, calling and texting with the influencers, checking their availability and deep negotiations. 

“Our goal is to help every brand to reach millions of social media users with just a tap of a finger. PickMyAd Influencers profile will assist brands in making the right choices,” says Arul Jothi, CTO & Co-founder.

Global Influencer marketing is currently valued at $9 billion and is estimated to reach $25 billion by 2025. PickMyAd is rapidly creating a necessary infrastructure & tech platform that answers the huge gap between creators who misses out on the expanded income streams and brands who can reach millions of people through one they trust and follow.  

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