PFS Loans Hub: A wealth management company and one-stop loan hub fulfilling your dreams with their innovative expertise

“PFS Loans Hub is the number one Financial Consultant in Kerala.”

Wealth is of utmost importance in today’s era as every aspect of our life has a monetary value attached to it. But are we taking care of the wealth that we earn and save? To make sure that people take care of their income and savings properly, PFS loans hub has come into the picture since 2002 by founder and CEO Mr Manoj.P.Mathew with the promise of fulfilling all the financial requirements.

PFS loans hub is a wealth management company that deals with all financial products like loans, life insurance, general insurance, mutual funds, etc. They serve as a mediator between the loan seeker and the banks, NBFCs and insurance companies in India. PFS deals with a wide range of products like retail loans, Personal loans, Business loans, New and used vehicle loans. Used vehicle refinances Top-ups for existing loans, takeover existing loans from other banks, Insurance, NBFCs, etc.

Excerpt from the latest conversation with Mr Manoj.P.Mathew, the founder and CEO of PFS Loans Hub

Please tell us about your entrepreneurship journey and when did you step into the world of business?

Mr Mathew – I was always inclined towards entrepreneurship after completing my MBA. I tried my first attempt with a business in Finance Industry in 1999, but unfortunately, I couldn’t make a mark in it, but I didn’t give up and gave it a try all over again in 2002. I got associated with HDFC as a DSA in 2002. After 5 years in 2007, we moved to a bigger space with more staff, and now we are providing all types of loans from the PFS Loans hub. It’s been almost 20 years since I have been associated with the finance Industry.

Have you faced any challenges during your entrepreneurial journey?

Mr Mathew – We had a tough time in 2009 due to the global recession. Banks were not providing loans as freely as before as people were losing jobs. We had to transition to the insurance sector now. We have not faced much impact during the Covid-19 pandemic.

How is PFS Loans Hub different from other companies?

Mr Mathew – My Company has a strong hierarchy and infrastructure. We have all different designated departments right from the sales team that includes call centre with a proper designated sales manager, marketing executives, sales coordinator, business operation team, Human Resources, Finance and Accounts, and so on. Furthermore, we provide all types of loans, and for that, we have leading banks under one roof. Our customized solutions are trusted by our clients, less documentation process and distinguishing features set us apart from the crowd.

We are also working as the one and only aggregator for HDFC bank in Kerala.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring young entrepreneurs?

Mr Mathew – Business is a world of uncertainty. One must have a basic inclination towards business. Those who are innovative and are willing to take risks can be very successful in this field. You must always be prepared to adapt to the changes according to market conditions as you never know unprecedented situations takes place at any time in business.

Do you have any success, Mantra?

Mr Mathew – For the past 21 years in my professional career, I have always believed that nothing is more significant than high-quality customer service, and that’s the secret of our success. Moreover, we work round the clock and never let our customer’s down as they are our priority. If required, we are prepared to serve our customers anytime at their doorstep. The contribution of well educated and qualified experienced professionals is the core strength behind our success. It certainly made us more robust in the Industry.

The customized services by PFS helped their clients achieve their financial and strategic goals. Their top-notch services to the vast array of clients made them secure the number one financial consultant position in Kerala.

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