Perfecting Your Natural Beauty with Elite Services from Simi’s Makeover Studio.

Makeup and Skincare are essential to all. Everyone likes to have suitable attention through fabulous looks and wants their skin to look healthy and glowing! 

Simi’s, Makeover Studio

Hi, I am Simi AbhijithFounder/Director Simi’s Makeover Studio, Chennai

We help families and businesses to achieve flawless skincare and stunning makeup goals.

I am a passionate Beauty Therapist. I love to make you look fabulous,

Because We care. Beyond Makeup and Skin Care…

I love what I do, and I want to see that you are happy too!

I’m a family of four, a son and daughter, and a wonderful husband. I pursued my Engineering from Panimalar. I have worked in many roles for reputed companies as Technical Specialist, Estimation Engineer, Production Manager, etc.

I am a professional makeup artist. I have been doing makeup for over the past 14 years as a passion with my family and relatives. Simi’s Makeover Studio has been there as a professional business for two years, since 2019.

Simi’s Makeover Studio Services

We have been doing Makeup and Skincare Services for many events and family occasions. Like special occasions, weddings, proms, and others. We help brides, bridegrooms, bridesmaids, fashion, photoshoots, and all beauty aspirants on their special day.

Our services are Advanced in Makeup, Hairstyling, Saree Draping, and SkincareBridal Makeup is my particular area of expertise. We do Makeup and Skincare Consultation and Training Services

Our company is a Private Limited, Companies Act Registered InstitutionSo, the best pricing, best products, practices, and services are guaranteed, without a doubt.

The Beginning of the Simi’s

My personal life took a significant turn, with my hobby becoming a full-time profession in 2019. 

It was remarkable as I ventured on a new idea. Why don’t we? I could be the proud owner of my passion that has been in me for 14 years. We named it Simi’s Makeover Studio, so you connect and relate with me.

Simi’s Beautiful Journey

We have been in business for the past two years. My journey in 2020 and 2021 was quite good, apart from the COVID crisis. But, we found it an opportunity to upgrade ourselves.

I did an Advanced Makeup Certification with Lakme. My hubby was supportive of pursuing my hobby as a profession. I went to multiple expertise certification workshops and gained in-depth knowledge in Makeup.

I got an opportunity to get recognised as a successful Makeup Artist, participating in the Asia Largest Fashion Event in Chennai. Online certifications apart, I did masterclass sessions in Makeup & Hairstyling

We got certified in compliance with Safety Norms set by B&WSCC standards.

Though the crisis played spoilsport in 2020-2021, I did multiple professional works with utmost safety precautions. Mostly, wedding, bridal makeup, baby showers, hairstyling sessions & fashion makeovers, and also, utilised time in completing my Advanced in Skincare with Lakme. 

Taking the Advanced Skincare Training was an extreme step, as in due course, I realised Makeup and Skincare go together in making that perfect and flawless appearance

We also reached our clients and makeup aspirants through various social media handles like Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook. I loved this part of my journey where I got recognised and appreciated by many as a supportive Beauty Therapist. 

By this time, I have done all kinds of occasions, be it Bridal, Bride, Babyshower, Bridesmaids, Party, Social, etc. 

Simi, the Best Beauty Therapist

I am happy that I can give recommendations, for both cosmetic and natural remedies, on their concerns specific to their skin.

Best Makeup Artist and flawless Skincare…

is the only recognition by our clients that we cherish as the greatest joy of our work. We feel it is our responsibility to understand and exceed the needs of our clients. 

I received good 5-star ratings as appreciation from every single client. All liked my services, and this is what counts as “a one hundred percent Client Satisfaction.”

Ultimately, I loved the confidence in my client’s looks with the desired attention they deserve. It truly excites me.

This is the only way we can succeed and gain their trust. We do not want to be their best choice. We want to be their ONLY choice

The happiness in the face of customers who have been successfully served is the greatest reward for us.

Do visit.

Simi’s Makeover Studio (OPC) Private Limited.

Because We Care. Beyond Makeup and Skin Care…

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