Nutrition Tips to Keep you Cool this Summer

Summer is all about fun in the sun – and it’s also a perfect time to change your diet! The foods you eat in the winter are not necessarily the foods you should eat in the summer. Nutritionist Utkarsh Saxena talks about the best foods for summertime and shares how to choose foods that are both high-quality and affordable. 

In the summer heat, lighter foods are best. Using a base of whole grains and adding plenty of vegetables boosts the nutritional value of your meals. Fruits and vegetables that are in season can be of higher quality than those that are out of season. In-season fruits and vegetables usually cost less, too! 

Few summer foods will help you keep your body cool and maintain high energy levels to keep summer diseases at bay. 

Curd is a natural coolant. You can consume it in several ways, such as by making refreshing buttermilk, lassi, or raita. Moreover, it also makes for a yummy dessert during summer. You have to drain the excess water from it using a cloth and add fresh fruits and sugar for taste.

Coconut water possesses cooling properties and several health benefits. Hence, it is an excellent choice during summers as it helps maintain your body temperature and energy. Moreover, coconut water is a well-known remedy for dehydration.

Eating watermelons during summers is blissful. It is light on your stomach and helps maintain your body temperature. You can eat freshly cut watermelon or drink fresh watermelon juice to keep yourself hydrated during the season. However, ensure that you do not consume pre-cut pieces of the fruit sold at roadside stalls as they could be contaminated.

We add cucumber to most of our salad dishes. It is an excellent source of fibre and water, which keeps your body hydrated and energetic during summertime. Moreover, it helps resolve constipation issues in most people. Cucumber makes for an excellent summer snack for children to munch on when playing in the sun.

Mint is one of the readily available herbs in India. It is inexpensive and ubiquitous in Indian households. You can use mint leaves in chutneys, raitas, and various dips. It is also a great companion for refreshing drinks and helps keep your body cool during the season. Many people don’t know this, but onions possess cooling properties. Add it to your salads, daily meals, and chutneys. It helps keep your body temperature cool in summers and is an excellent remedy for treating heatstroke.

One of the most traditional, go-to Indian drinks in summer is nimbu paani or lime water. The drink is not only refreshing but also makes for a healthy summer diet tip. It helps hydrate your body and keep it cool and is a good home remedy for treating dehydration. 

Staying hydrated is equally as important. Tips for staying hydrated include: 

  • Carrying a water bottle with you at all times.
  • Adding fruit, cucumber, mint, or lemon to water to give a fresh taste.
  •  Eating fruits and vegetables that have a high water content as snacks. Melons and citrus fruits have high water content.
  •  Freeze fruits to make them last longer and eat them as a refreshing snack. Fruits that freeze well include bananas, grapes, melons, and oranges.
  •  Blend frozen fruits together into a smoothie. You can add additional healthy ingredients like Greek yogurt or chia seeds for added nutritional value. 

It’s essential to avoid letting good nutrition take a back seat during our busy and inconsistent summer schedules. Taking the time to make sure we eat consistent, healthy, nutritious meals will keep us feeling our best while we’re on the go. 

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