New Trend  in Town with the Marketing Duo is creating fresh waves in the business marketplace. With the ever expanding universe of digital consumerism, the right marketing strategy transforms the entire fate of a business. The disruption in the digital world is huge, making use of it in the right form for the right purpose puts anybody and any business in the limelight. There are hundreds and thousands of digital marketing agencies and freelancers in town. But, it is always a mushroom model for businesses with these agencies. The problem here is not finding the right purpose before they start strategizing. The approach should align to solve a problem the business faces.

Here comes the duo with a purpose – to make use of every possibility that awes the marketplace. More than digital marketing, focuses more on uplifting strategies and demand generation.

Sitting here in Chennai, India, has earned that many clientele globally. This intrigued us to talk further about their approach. With the opening of talk, the duo takes us through the service options available that have solutions for every problem a business may face – right from prelaunch till reputation management.

“When marketing is done right,

Business reaches heights!”

They say.

The strategies and service lists are different with the Creating brand awareness, lead generation, reputation management and few of their offerings which will have both digital and offline marketing techniques. Also, if a brand or business would need a dedicated personnel they appoint someone committed to the project with the uplifting backend guidance. By doing this, the cost of marketing becomes 50% lesser for the brands.

With an arsenal of experience to their credit, a contagious personality and an acumen of digital interests, the Duo piya_themarketer & Kay_thetrafficker the co-founders of makes an indelible impression on one and all.


Legally named Karthika Paneerselvam, is bossy, stylish and has all the smarts to impress anyone who crosses her path. Networking with this young energetic head is so easy and that’s the reason she is the project hunter in the team.

She is a confident, new age leader with a practical approach to management and perfection is what drives her. Her charm and the easy to connect personality, draws everybody to her. So whether it’s an introduction call to the prospect or catering to the needs of the client, Karthika brings a smile with satisfaction to everyone’s face. Her passion for the industry is combined with her well-versed knowledge and dynamic leadership keeps the whole wheel in motion. With a humble beginning in the Audi showroom as a digital marketing trainee, she steadily climbed the ladder in the world of advanced marketing.


The most selfless, dedicated and supportive visionary in the band to look after team management, project handling, strategies and a lot more in the operations. More than her legal name Sripriya Jayaprakash, piya_themarketer is the most spread out in the industry.

Inspiring and cheerful leader with a futuristic approach wins client hearts in her first call. The person behind every purposeful approach all with practical strategies that earns spotlight to the business or brand. She is one of a kind all-time learner with knowledge acquisition skill, who drives the whole crew to end up with the metrics that clients love to see. It is a fortuitous way that she entered this industry working with a digital marketing agency then.

So, to conclude, be it a startup or a flourishing business, with, one can earn visibility in the marketplace and transform it to value.

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