Mohammed Shahzoor – A true inspiration to those who want to score big.

In India, most students are raised to believe that a promising future means a good job that pays well and secures our lives. The considerations of interest, uniqueness, and risk-taking are discussed very rarely, and most schools imprint a notion that budding children should become good employees rather than become employers who create chances and opportunities for other people. Only a few people choose this route that guarantees no specific destination but does require hope, patience, faith, and perseverance. Mohammed Shahzoor, the founder of Buff Enterprises, has chosen to tread on this road that’s less travelled by.

Mohammed Shahzoor had this dream of creating his own brand and making it popular. He had thought of many crazy ideas and worked on them, finally zeroing in on the production of cleaning products. After his education, Mohammed Shahzoor strongly felt that searching for jobs would eventually result in a monotonous life for which he was not ready. He had this alternative of starting a business that would eventually provide opportunities for many unemployed people, thereby reducing the rate of unemployment. Mohammed Shahzoor was well aware that this decision would alter the course of his life and turn the tables up and down. Despite knowing the setbacks that might come and the risks that he would have to take, he made up his mind to start Buff Enterprises.

Mohammed Shahzoor comes from an average middle-class family, and his parents are the ones who believe that it is just a good job that is required to settle in life. They were startled and shocked when Mohammed told them of his decision to start Buff Enterprises. They were initially concerned about what might happen in the future and doubted his ability to succeed in this field. They did not come from a business background, and they knew no one who could support Mohammed in this area. It took Mohammed some time to convince his parents and explain to them the more precise picture of his business plans. Apart from business ideas and tactics, Mohammed required some moral support and some motivation to cross the obstacles and move against the current. His parents and his friends Mubashir and Munawir provided him with all the support he needed and stood with him from the beginning.

If the establishment of Buff Enterprises was one such arduous journey, promoting and marketing its products is another level of difficulty. Being new to the market, Mohammed couldn’t ensure that the products of Buff Enterprises withstood the competition of products from already established companies. Mohammed had no experience or knowledge about how to market the products and let people know about them. He struggled to find a way to demonstrate that his products are distinct from the plethora of items that are released on a daily basis. Despite having genuine products, insufficient popularity and reach are significant obstacles that have the power to shatter the roots. Mohammed did not lose his hope and continued to put in his efforts, and this gradually brought his products recognition and caught the attention of many households.

The world was sceptical after hearing the words of 23-year-old Mohammed when he planned to start a business of his own. In addition to this, Mohammed had to receive unsolicited advice, disappointing comments, and demotivating speeches, but none of this dampened the unwavering spirit of Mohammed. All it takes, according to Mohammed, is one brave decision and one daring step. 

Mohammed suggests the aspirants to embrace failure as it is a proven way of learning how not to do a thing and is a great story that has the potential to pass through generations. Buff Enterprises is now a leading franchise with products in demand such as Dishwash, top gent liquid detergent, floor cleaner, car wash, and the list never ends. Even after achieving a reputed name in the market. Even after establishing a reputable name in the market, Mohammed feels that the struggle is never over and that one must strive to reach the pinnacle every minute. Mohammed Shahzoor is a true inspiration to all those from ordinary backgrounds who want to make it big and start their own businesses.

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