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From Fat to Fit – 4 TIMES

No matter how much we talk about body positivity, an unhealthy, not so good-looking person is affected by the beauty around them. So was I, and this is my journey of fat to fit, which I took four times, and today, I am helping others in this same journey.

Being born in a Hindu Baniya family, a joint family was one reason for my unhealthy body. We were all so foodie from the very beginning.

But as I grew up, I understood that this is not healthy. I didn’t want to starve, and I still wanted to maintain good health, which gave me the urge to become a nutritionist.

Growing up, I was a very obese child. Earlier, I was referred to as an acute child and was always pampered in the family, but then people were only teasing me in my adolescence, which frustrated me. 

So, I decided to work upon myself. After my graduation, being fit was still a side – thing which was always going on in my mind. I always believed in maintaining a good face, good hair quality for an overall healthy body. That is how again I gained weight because I could not have choices in what I was eating which was not healthy.

Then I got married and eventually pregnant, where I was a victim of the commercialization of this medical industry. I got a horrible skin disease, and every time I was going to a different dermatologist, all they gave me was a steroid treatment. Due to which my weight shot up, and I reached 110 kgs, though I delivered safely.

When I delivered, I promised myself that I would lose weight, but it was complicated with my kid. When my kid started crawling, I was 98, 97 kgs.

Yet, my journey started, and I tried to eat healthy by reading several books.

It was challenging – I was already on lactation. But I lost around 30 kgs in 6 months which included both the pregnancy weight and extra weight that I gained.

Both pregnancy and early days of giving birth to a child were very challenging phases for me, and you have to be very careful when you are pregnant – there are so many things you crave for, and there are so many things which you can’t have because you are affecting both of you.

People always questioned that if I am a dietician, how did I gain that weight? I cannot tell them every time about my medical treatment. People judge you but do not understand that a dietician can also be a victim of it all. In my journey of losing weight and transforming myself four times of around 25 kgs, I’ve understood that dieting is not essential just for weight loss, but after that also we have to take care of it like a part of our life. 

In my journey, I was highly supported by my husband and in-laws. It is essential for a woman that her husband or family members help her, especially if the husband keeps her motivated.

Recently I represented WHO as a delegate. I’ve always been thorough in reading everything at the WHO website, which has all the rules and regulations. I had a lot of fieldwork, I had many experiences to be shared, and I could contribute a lot. That is how I felt great to be a part of it and to make a good contribution as a delegate there.

I have received Honorary Doctorate in the field of Dietetics and Nutrition for her contribution in this field since years and benefitting thousands of people worldwide in their health issues and helping people with the symptoms of diseases like OBESITY, PCOD, DIABETES, THYROID, URIC ACID, CHOLESTROL, BLOOD PRESSURE, ARTHRITIS and different stages like PUBERTY, PREGNANCY, LACTATION, POST PREGNANCY FITNESS, POST SURGERY/ACCIDENT RECOVERY, MENOPAUSE with her diet assistance and counselling.

So, in the 8 to 9 years of my marriage, I had brought in proper disciplined ways of eating and eating right option. 

Please find time for your health and also the time for what makes you happy. If you are happy, you can raise a happy child with your happy vibe and then your body will be happy and healthy in terms of appearance, too – you will have glowing skin and good hair. Stress and anxiety are the biggest enemies of a woman. So, whatever worries you have, you have to let it down and pick whatever helps you understand that this is my cup of tea and this is relaxing – you will have to find that me-time is for yourself.


I have so many clients who say that you don’t require a diet because they do not know that diet is about weight loss. It is also about eating right – if a mother is slim, but she would be low on vitamin D, she will not feel fit to raise her kids, and then some women say that we are not allowed to eat outside food but only home-cooked for diet. This is not how it is done.

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