Meet Akash Bansal: ‘The Teenywriter’

Who is Teenywriter? 25-year-old, Akash Bansal also known as Teenywriter, has been juggling around between being a full-time Businessman and a part-time poet. He is very well known for his beautiful way to express his emotions and thoughts through his words on his Instagram- @teenywriter. Whenever I read his poems, I say this to myself: ‘This is exactly how I feel but never knew how to say it!’

Akash has been writing poems about love and life since he was in 8th grade. There is a lot more to it than just the words, he uses a minimal old-style font and an aesthetic background with a piece of soulful music to create a complete package of feelings for his readers. He says he is very picky about everything that he posts. During a conversation, we asked him a couple of questions, and we got some really interesting answers.

What does poetry mean to you?

Of course, we all have been wondering about this what poetry means to him as he is very picky about everything. Akash surprises us by saying, “I think for me poetry is not just about the words or rhyming, it’s a feeling, a way to express myself. An art, to put whatever you’re feeling directly into someone’s soul through some words, that’s poetry for me.”

How did you get into poetry? How was your start of the Journey?

I always had a habit of writing everything down, and I don’t know why but I always tried to pen them poetically. But I never thought about it, even when I was always trying to figure out what to do in life. And then one day, a friend of mine found out about my poetries and found them fascinating. He urged me to post them on my Instagram, and I did. At that moment, I realized that Instagram gave me a stage and an audience. All I had to do was to write some more and post it there, and “That’s how I started my journey.”

How do you get the ideas to start off with the writings?

“I have never picked a topic up and told myself to write about it. It is all random, whatever I feel a lot about, I write about it. I guess it just goes with the flow.” He says he writes out every emotion that he sees or feels. Just like when he was feeling low in his life, Akash wrote, “Jahan sab apno ko khoj rahe hai, mein aaj bhi khudki talash mein hoon.” (Where everyone is looking for loved ones, I am still in search of myself) which went viral on Instagram and gathered about two million views. As his fandom grew larger and larger, Akash started to put out his emotions more effectively.

You post poetries daily, so do you write them regularly?

No, that’s not possible for me, If I did that it would be terrible. I write down poetries whenever I feel like I am in a mood to write or when I am feeling an emotion too much. It is like writing poetries in bulk and then converting them into good content by revising before posting them on Instagram.

Which is your favorite piece of poetry which you have written?

“Ahh, this is a tough one for me, as I have a deep connection with all my poetries, but still if you want me to pick one it would be- Kya batau unn logo ko kuch jinhone mujhe daraya hai, mein khudse bhi hoon jeeta aur maine khudko bhi haraya hai.” (What can I say to those people who have scared me, I have won to myself and I have defeated myself too.) 

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