Khushi Mukherjee Earned 10 Crores Selling Photos and Videos Through Her Website  

You might have heard people earning through their website by selling products or items etc. But Khushi has earned over 10 Crore by selling her photos and videos, doing live shows, video calls and a lot more glamours and hot stuff on her website.

Khushi is an actress, model and a social media influencer known for her bold roles and activities on and off the social media. She has posted her hot pictures and videos on Instagram and her unseen content is available on her website and application. She chooses an unconventional path as her career but this has also made her sensation topic of discussion. The diva has also gone viral on social media several times due to pictures, videos and news.

She is usually seen in her bold avatars and raising the social media temperature with her hot actions and ads. Her hot poses and photoshoots have at times stormed internet when netizens showered love on her pictures while some trolled and commented on her clothes but she has made peace with all it and continuously engages with her fans on social media, and more frequently on her application where she does some engaging stuff. Her videos and such as Smoking Hot, Bikini Photoshoots, Towel Photoshoots have gone viral across the globe. 

This time she is come up again with sensation that are blasted off across the social platforms, on 10th of September there is a live sale happening on her website where her bold and voluptuous pictures are on sale at discounted price.  This sale happening on application the sale starts at 10Rs and the photos and videos that are currently priced at 40,000 INR will be available at 10,000 INR and whatever income is generated on that day will be given for animal charity and animal welfare; an initiative that Khushi is widely known for.  

Though her earnings will go to animal charity but a lot of people have trolled her for putting up sale of her photos and videos, whilst people have also supported her for the same. With more than a million followers on her Instagram her fans are eagerly waiting for the sale to happen and interact with Khushi. This sale will happen on and people can interact with her at very discounted costs and get access to some very glamours, unseen content. 

Earlier, she was in news because her lingerie was auctioned for 5 lacs rupees and she became talk of the town. 

About Her Journey

She started her journey when she was a teenager and shot her first Ad for Nokia in 9th standard and during those days she also worked in South Indian Movies, Silver Screen, Product Ads etc. She has been working since a young age. When she was asked when did she decide to become a model, she replied, “I decided this at a very young age. I was always allured by the glamour, charisma and the fame that the models have and then I decided to follow the path of becoming a model.”

But this was not a cakewalk, Khushi fought with her own share of hurdles and obstructions to be where she is today. Before becoming a successful model and an influencer whenever she told people about her dreams and ambitions people would often laugh and call out and demotivate her but her passion, her desire to become a model was much stronger than anything else in the world. She always followed her heart and this has always reaped positive benefits to her. 

Khushi has seen various opportunities and opened the doors to many projects such as working in web series, silver screen, digital media ads and a lot of other things. She has achieved her childhood dream and made a huge sum of money it has been possible only because of hard work and dedication.

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