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“Rejection is merely a redirection, a course correction to your destiny.” Bryant McGill once said this, meet the person who lived this. Who defied all the odds of life and reached where he is today. Meet Dr. Sachin Verma, a native of the small village Rohru, situated in the laps of Himachal Pradesh. Dr.Verma is the Director and Owner of Holy Basil Mediclinic located at Kharar and Mohali. The journey of Sachin Verma has seen ups and downs, a good roller coaster ride.

Today, Dr. Sachin Verma is the owner of one the best Mediclinic. Holy Basil was founded and started four years back, which is though a short period but with the sheer dedication of Dr. Sachin and his team, which includes a well-qualified team of doctors.  Holy Basil was inaugurated by then cabinet minister and current Chief Minister of Punjab, Charanjit Singh Channi. Since the founding of Holy Basil Mediclinic, the medical services provided by the clinic have satisfied all its patients and have blessed them with a jolly life. Few of the patients that have used the services have the following things to say about the Holy Basil Mediclinic,

“Dr. Sachin Verma Sincerely ears for his patients without conditions moreover, 

he is not only excellent, but he is genuinely a kind-hearted and trustworthy doctor.”

The other patient says,

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am for you. Thank you for taking such great care of my father. You have a special gift as a physician and as a person. Thank you for giving my father life back “from the moment we met you, we were certain God had led us to you.” Thank you for your expert care and for saving my father’s life.”

(Source: Holy Basil Website)

The services provided by the Holy Basil Mediclinic are one of the best; during the deadly COVID-19 Wave, the paramedic worked their heart and soul and saved lives. The clinic offered all the services like oxygen beds and other essential services to the patients and residents in and around the city. Not just during the pandemic, but apart from that, the quality offerings of Holy Basil Mediclinic have made a distinctive respectable image in the country.  Dr. Sachin and the team remain prepared for everything and anything, be it Dengue or COVID!

Holy Basil Mediclinic’s team’s dedication has set its foot on the Indian map like no one else. In such a short time, what Holy Basil has achieved is commendable. Mediclinic plans to open dedicated sugar and diabetes clinic soon. On every Friday, Holy Basil organizes free sugar tests for Diabetic patients and offers them consultations. Holy Basil has its own personalized Holy Basil Plus App, which helps treat diabetes and obesity. A vast number of people are being benefited from this initiative of Holy Basil. The Holy Basil team also plans to build a diabetes ecosystem that will help in treating widespread diabetes.

The whole emporium built today couldn’t have been possible if Dr. Sachin Verma was not rejected from the pilot’s medical test. Dr. Verma recalls it was his birthday and the same day when he got rejected and was out of the race of being a pilot, and that was the day when Sachin Verma planned and thought of becoming Dr. Sachin Verma. Verma scored AIR 13 in PMT and was admitted into IGMC Shimla for MBBS and MD, and he went to GSVMMC, Kanpur.

The journey is not as smooth as it looks; his parents wanted him to pursue his higher studies from Himachal. He worked hard in 45 degrees without a cooler, and with no complaints, he, after completing his MD, was employed at IVY Hospital. Dr. Sachin Verma, when in 2017 opened his clinic, Holy Basil Mediclinic, he was expecting a baby. He says, “I was worried about my job. But, thank god it was safe, and everything went well.”

As the journey of Dr. Sachin Verma, director of Holy Basil Mediclinic, says a lot about him. The residents of Kharar and Mohali remark that “Dr. Verma is just one call away, be it anything he never out of reach.” Holy Basil Mediclinic has always organised various free camps and always helped the needy through multiple means.

Holy Basil Mediclinic has approved the affiliation of the Government of India to medically and certify Pilots and Merchant Navy officers. Holy Basil has also received approval from Skuld and Panama Maritime Authorities to test seafarers, and this is the second place after Delhi to get this certification. This will give a significant benefit to all those interested. 

Apart from these, Dr. Sachin and the team also provide online medical services, telemedicine, lab tests, and home visits. Choose the best— Holy Basil Mediclinic, located in Kharar and Mohali. Book your appointment or reach out to Holy Basil at the Holy Basil Mediclinic – Best Clinic in Mohali and Kharar 

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