HalfSquare is Going to be Setup the World’s First Space Data Center With The Help of Many Space Agencies

HalfSquare inc is a cybersecurity company that Help From Cyber threats or VAPT Services and Provide Many Security services. Rahul Vinodkumar Dadhich who was born on 1997 in Jaipur Rajasthan (India) Recently re-present this project at a global conference on technology, everybody just liked that project and most companies and individuals comes to invest nearly $30 million in their pre-seed stage. The designs and the blueprint of the satellite and data centre which are going to be shown at events are Extraordinary By Rahul Vinodkumar Dadhich. The Data Center work on R/F Solve Most of Speed, Storage, Transfer Files ratio, and data breach. Some Global Leaders Say Rahul Vinodkumar Dadhich is a great Leader and Businessman

Pranav The CTO of HalfSquare recently meet some government and space agencies to understand the requirements for this project. 

HalfSquare has a great history of leadership’s when their cofounder leave this company with a debt of 7cr but Rahul Vinodkumar Dadhich Don’t give up and Made this company stand again

HalfSquare is Predicting that Project is Completed in the year 2024-2025 and they also plan to partner with Some Cloud Company Like IBM, Google, AWS, and Others.

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