Gujarati Folk singer Jayesh Sodha is always bringing something new in Gujarati songs

At a time when Gujarati songs are making waves all over the world, including Gujarat, now our Gujarati artists are also being discussed.

Folk music is of paramount importance in Gujarati songs and at the same time different songs and singers from different parts of Gujarat are also entertaining their fans with their music.

Singing is something that is gift by nature. When you hear the voice of birds chirping or flowing water from mountains, the rhythm of nature blows your mind. However, such the same rhythm and sound we human beings are blessed with.

One such Gujarati singer Jayesh Sodha is going to be talked about today.

Folk singer Jayesh Sodha, a native of Khadivav, a small village in Gujarat, Kathlal Kheda district, started singing at the young age of five and this child, born in a normal family, started entertaining by learning music at an early age.

I have not taken any professional training in music as I belong to a family that was into music. I am thankful to my elders, who have guided me in singing. My family is my guru.”

His soulful voice is now being more lovable in every gujarati audience who live anywhere in the world.

His songs have garnered millions of views and yet he is preparing to create a new song to attract and entertain their audience.

He is also working hard to get more songs on his live shows and social platforms in the near future.

His live shows planned in Gujarat’s rural and urban area and audience is like to play garba and various gujarati folk dance on his songs. ‘The audience at a dayro is very different from what we get at other concerts’

Talking about how the experience was different from other concerts, Jayesh Sodha shares, “The audience at a dayro is very different from what we get at regular concerts. They aren’t too fond of Bollywood or Western music, genres that I am more comfortable with, and one must be very careful about not hurting their sentiments. You have to perform with a very small team. Also, at such performances, the audiences sit on the floor and they also shower money on singers when they like a song.

Gujarati folk music is now trending in every platform and creates magic in all moments.

The artist has also released several Gujarati albums in 2021 and has reached millions of views.

Gujarati song albums are constantly appearing on every TV channel and digital platform and people like them very much.

Even during Corona’s time, folk singer Jayesh Sodha entertained his fans by having an online session.

In the last one year in live shows, he has set a new record in Gujarat by doing more than 178 shows.

Along with Gujarati folk music, folk singer Jayesh Sodha also sings beautiful hymns, dirges and wedding songs and is becoming the first choice of the people.

On Gujarati TV channels like TV9, News18 Gujarati and other regional channels you will constantly hear songs of singer Jayesh Sodha including “Mara Bhaibandh Laya Samachar Tara”, “Mari Najare Na Chadti” and love songs and different Gujarati folk songs.

Gujarati singer Jayesh Sodha is always bringing something new in Gujarati songs and is preparing to entertain his fans as much as the expectations from him are increasing.

Singer Jayesh Sodha is also coming up with his new songs which are awaited by his fans.

This Gujarati language artist is getting a lot of feedback from the people. I wish him the best of luck.

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