Graps is the culmination where gourav turned his passion into an opportunity

Mr. Gourav Dash, the successful entrepreneur and innovator behind Graps groups of companies, is known for his passion and out-of-the-box thinking. He is the MD & CEO at GNS. He works to provide IT services by implementing artificial intelligence and provide data-driven solutions and grasp next social is a start-up founded by Gourav that specializes in business automation. The keenness was seen from childhood when he was in 8th standard when he started planning about business, which led to him becoming this big today. Wisdom begins very early. The dedication drives you, and this has caused him to achieve countless in no time.

If we look at his accomplishments, he was nominated for India 500 CEO award in 2020. His company, Graps Next Social, was selected for the India 500 most promising IT Company in 2020 and 2021.

Whenever he gets time, he likes to spend his time exploring new and innovative things, and also he likes to travel, bike ride, and so on. His generosity has no bounds. He is generous and spends his time helping people with charity and with orphans at festivals.  He loves exploring in general, and his main passion is business.

If you’ve ever wondered what qualities a person needs to be a self-employed and successful entrepreneur to manage one of the leading IT companies at such a young age, Mr Dash: GNS and GRAPSIGHT will give you the answers.

It is concerned with the future of humanity rather than personal feelings and aspirations. Not willing to entertain the possibility of “no” as an answer. Intolerant of any form of mediocrity or small thinking. Obsessive attention to detail. Unrelentingly competitive. This is the spirit of Mr Gourav Dash.

Speaking of all the ventures, here it is all running thoroughly with utmost dedication.

GRAPSNEXT SOCIAL is a modern communication and technology-based company which will take the business to its next level. GRAPS is ready for NextGen and is already able to deliver the best. All the AI services starting from anything to everything GRAPS, have been serving it best.

GRAPSIGHT has been outdone themselves to be creative in their field. It will not be less if we call it a place where all the best content creation, marketing, digital marketing, and designing are done meticulously.

GRAPS ENTERTAINMENT is a unit where the magic takes place, stories get their life, and the department and crew work scrupulously. Over the years, the act and the artist both have flourished under the guidance of the company.

As Mr Gourav dash had his vision clear from the tender age what he wants to do with his life that leads to the multiple companies to run with ease. All these companies run simultaneously to add value to everyone’s life and their venture. The belief in their work has led to each company’s successful growth, thereby providing value to the clients and prioritizing their needs, and making their dreams fulfil given Mr Gourav and his company all the wings.

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