GDPI Preparation- Important tips

Panel of CATKing students at ISME Bangalore share their fruitful opinions regarding GDPI preparation. The preparation of GDPI is subjective so we try to gather as many experience as we could so that you relate and learn from the people and personalities you are comfortable with.  

Below are some important tips that will benefit you substantially-

  • You can be a second speaker in a group discussion. When you go first in a GD there will be a lot of chaos as everyone will be excited to bring about their point first or start the discussion. Whereas, when you will be second then people will be calmer, attentive to listen and not cut off in the middle. Always try to be a MODERATER in a GD because there will come a point when the entire GD will go off- track so if you are a moderator, you have been noting all the points throughout the GD preparation then you should be able to conclude the GD.
  • Preparation of GD is not an overnight task. It is a continuous process. you need to stay updated with daily Current Affairs, reading newspaper daily to keep on track and stay connected with the world. When actual GD process is being done then what comes to your mind is what has already been stored before. What we already know or what is pre decided before is what we generally speak. What actually matters is there is being more clear, precise and specific.
  • When you prepare fort CAT, your preparation should start right from January so that the whole 11 months will be dedicated to CAT and in the next 2-3 months, you prepare for going into the college i.e. your GDPI preparation. Always remember GDPI preparation does not happen overnight so what you read anything, remember first of all, what you read and secondly, what you retain from that reading.  Consider reading non –fiction preferably because then you will be closer to what you are preparing for. 
  • Your opinions along with the facts and figures is equally important. People tend to think in their mother tongue and then translate into what they want to say, don’t do that. In GD try to think in the language you are going to speak in with the information you are going to put up there. Try to inculcate reading habits every day and start building your thought process. 
  • Pen down points even during the interview or GD. Listen to what other people are saying. Be a good listener this way you can know what you are talking about and if it’s making sense or not. Be a moderator when other people are going off- track.

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