From 38 Kg to 104 Kg, Asia Gold medalist and a Vegetarian Bodybuilder: Harminder Dulowal broke the entire stereotype with his unending accomplishment as an International Bodybuilder. 

“Yes, a failure in academics can also win a gold medal

Yes, a delivery boy can also become an International gold medalist.”

Embracing a purpose is all in life, and that purpose can become a reality when you immerse yourself into imagining and working towards the fulfillment of that purpose despite several setbacks. At times few setbacks come into our life for the short run but as a blessing to soar higher with accomplishment in the long run. Harminder Dulowal has gotten ahead with a purpose in life. Despite facing several setbacks, he found meaning in adversity that helped build resilience and increased his ability to move forward constructively. But who is Harminder Dulowal?

Harminder Dulowal is an International vegetarian bodybuilder, Mr. Asia Gold Medalist, FIF India President, FIF International Judge, Founder of Red Power Energy Drink, All India Intervarsity Silver Medalist, Mr. World South Africa 2015, WFF International certified Judge, Mr. Asia 4th in Singapore 2016, Muscle war 2017 in Singapore and Founder of Red Gym in Kapurthala Punjab. It’s enchanting. Yes, indeed! This journey of landing himself as an International Bodybuilder has been challenging right from a young age, but what sets him apart was his reaction to those challenges that determined his success. Every minor or major failure in life opens the door to our path of destiny. 

Harminder’s road to success was topsy turvy when he got detained in the first year of college. That was the first tremor for him as well as his family. This failure didn’t stop him from winning; instead, he made it through by emerging as the winner in bodybuilding competitions as he already began his bodybuilding journey at a very young age. He went against the grain that year but completed his graduation from Khalsa College subsequently with his bodybuilding, and the rest remained a history.

Not just this, before earning the feather of an International bodybuilder in his cap, he has also worked as a delivery boy and experienced tough times, but this has helped him to move out of the comfort zone that eventually added value and took him to the pinnacle of growth. He realized that things and situations in life get better only if you keep trying by moving forward. His life took a huge turn when he participated in the Mr. World Competition and emerged as the winner of Mr. Asia, Singapore, in 2016. He got an opportunity to complete his final training as a bodybuilder. Since then, he never had to turn back in life. He went moving ahead and ahead and ahead!

The myriad of challenges did not stop here. Many people are under the impression that bodybuilding with a vegetarian diet is impossible, and there always remains a myth about plant-based protein. People judges and they did, but a person can also become an International vegetarian bodybuilder. This is proved with an example of Harminder Dulowal, his physique, fitness, and lasting success which is no less than jaw-dropping. However, he had dispelled myths around vegan diets by stating, “There is no disadvantage in Vegan bodybuilding. Dried fruits, nuts, milk, green vegetables, and other dairy products have different power from vegan proteins. What is most important is a good amount of sleep and rest, which are crucial for a solid and healthy body rather than non-vegetarian food.”

The distinguishing feature that excelled his career in bodybuilding by setting him apart from the crowd

– An epitome of fitness by becoming an International vegetarian Bodybuilder

– He firmly believes that one should be passionate and dedicated to his goal in life that elevated his success to a level.

– His work ethics and lifestyle became a source of inspiration for the aspiring bodybuilders

– He proved bodybuilding as a promising career even after perceiving veganism.

He is widely known for absolute fairness, transparency, and genuineness as a bodybuilding judge and his work ethic, which made him worthy of becoming a judge for an International platform like FIF.

– He adopted the disciplined lifestyle besides hard work and consistency as he considers discipline the most crucial factor, and the result is evident to the entire world.

– His ethical principle of commitment, discipline, and a dedicated diet regime helped him remain at the top of his game.

Connect with his enchanting personality on, or you can also follow him on Instagram @harminder_dulowal.

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