Friendslofts is the perfect platform to promote your kid

“Looking for a perfect platform to promote your kid? 

Stop searching and join us to get a perfect platform for your kid.”

Hello everyone, myself, Kangana Sidhu. I am an entrepreneur, and I am also honoured by “The Best Youth Icon” award. Let’s start with my journey.

 I started my business named “Friendslofts.” I started this business with a mindset to create my own unique identity and achieve different milestones that I had decided for my future. As time passed, Friendslofts began to grow up, and now we are here. After facing all the challenges and different stages of life, I was able to create my own and unique identity. 

Working as an entrepreneur, I have achieved many golden opportunities. I have worked with my entire heart, and I have given 100% in every task, whether small or big. I believe that it is good to give your best and also never judge a book by its cover, who knows when you get golden opportunities. 

Struggle a word that everyone has heard, and everyone has faced. I have also done lots of struggles during my time period. This is the reason that made me connect with people who are still facing different challenges and struggles in their lives. 

The reason behind starting Friendslofts was to spread stories of different women entrepreneurs who have now become successful women entrepreneurs. You can read how they worked so hard to achieve the goals of their lives, whether they had their family support or not. They worked hard and proved themselves. 

We have also launched our channel on another platform which is Spotify. Now, you can listen to their stories on Spotify as well. Along with women, the team of Friendslofts has decided to launch a special version of podcasts that will be featuring your kids. By establishing this addon, we are trying to provide a perfect platform where your kid can express and talk about their hobbies and interests without any kind of boundaries. 

Along with Spotify, your kid will also get featured on our YouTube platform while taking interviews with your kid. We want them to get promoted on more and more platforms. So, we conduct it on a zoom call, which helps us post it on YouTube and Spotify. 

Now comes the question, why are we providing a platform on which your kid will be promoted? There is a very simple answer to this question: I have faced many difficulties while working in the media and entertainment field. So, if you want your kid to get a perfect place in this field, we are here to support your kid by making this process easier for you and your kid. 

After working for several years in these industries, we have gained many contacts that can help your kids get a perfect break in this field. Our team provides you for your kid is media coverage along with Spotify Podcasts. We want children from every corner of India to come and do their talent shows. Because our people also know how much talent is hidden in the children of our country. I will try myself and request the parents to help their children grow up. Thank you all so much. Kangna Sidhu:

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