Embrace Your Fabulous Skincare and Makeup Goals with Simi’s Makeover Studio

“Because We Care. Beyond Makeup and Skin Care…”

That’s what her caption says. Quite convincing, but is it true, on what she means?

I bet you were scared the first time you heard someone say, “Chemical peel removes the top layer of dead skin cells from your face.”

Amazing skin is what everyone desires, so “Do we need a skincare routine?

Not until I met Simi Abhijith, Founder / Director – Simi’s Makeover Studio. As a Trained Esthetician, at a glance, she was pretty quick to address my skin type and the issues I had with my skin. 

About Simi Abhijith

Miss Simi is the Founder/Director of Simi’s Makeover Studio, Chennai. She helps families and businesses with their memorable events to achieve flawless skincare and makeup goals.

She’s a passionate Beauty Therapist and loves to make you look fabulous. Her tagline for the company says it all…

Because We care. Beyond Makeup and Skincare

She loves what She does and wants to see that you are happy, on your best days too!

She’s a family of four, a son and daughter, and a husband. She pursued her Engineering from Panimalar. She has worked in many roles for reputed companies as Technical Specialist, Estimation Engineer, Production Manager, etc.

She’s a professional makeup artist and has been in the beauty and wellness profession for over the past 14 years as a passion, serving her family and relatives. As of 2021, Simi’s Makeover Studio has been a professional business for two years.

Simi’s Passion

She has been doing Makeup and Skincare Services for many events and family occasions. Special occasions, weddings, proms, and others. She is helping brides, bridegrooms, bridesmaids, fashion, photoshoots, and all beauty aspirants on their special day.

Their services include Advanced – Makeup, Hairstyling, Saree Draping, and Skincare. Bridal makeup is her particular area of expertise. She also does Makeup and Skincare Consultation and Training Services, which helped many achieve their makeup goals. 

The Accidental Meet with Simi

I was looking to have a makeup session booked with her for my social event. When I visited her the first time at her studio, I had no idea how skincare would be of any good to me. 

Skincare was, to me, and as most of us think, is not an essential aspect of our life. The term “chemical” may seem scary too. Not-to-mention, the pricing, and time-consuming procedures.

Well, that’s not entirely true. She said, “The more early you take care of your skin, the much younger you look when you are old.” I wish to lay down my experience with Simi’s Makeover Studio here, which changed everything I thought of skincare and bring that natural glow-up on your skin too.

 Best Skin Care Treatments

I’ve been traveling primarily out in the direct sunlight. She noticed the visible water damage, rough texture of the skin, a minor indication of fine lines and wrinkles.

After her initial consultation, she suggested the “Chemical Peel Treatment.” She explained how the dead cells on the skin would be removed and allow your skin to regenerate faster, which results in an improved skin function and appearance of your skin brighter, glowing, and younger.

She gave the various chemical peel treatment options that she practiced and a brief idea on them for dry skin types:

  • Lactic Peel Treatment
  • Glycolic Peel Treatment
  • Anti-Tan Treatment
  • Anti-Acne Treatment
  • Anti-Ageing Treatment
  • Anti-Pigmentation Treatment
  • Skin Lightening and Brightening Treatment

Based on my skin condition, as recommended by the Beauty Therapist, Simi Abhijith, I went for the Skin Lightening and Brightening Treatment.

A word of caution: Do not perform any treatments based on this article. Consult a Certified esthetician or Dermatologist to know about your skin and the applicable procedures.

My Opinion

That said, Facial Treatments, in general, can result in skin allergies if not taken proper guidance from a specialist.

Simi’s Makeover Studio did go for a patch test for my skin before considering the treatments. All the tools were clean. The ambiance was an out-of-the-world experience. All procedures were done as per Covid norms.

As she promised, my final event was an absolute BLAST. The skin was perfect, and the final makeover by Simi herself was flawless, without a doubt.

I felt wonderful to have opted for the services with Simi’s Makeover Studio. And, I do recommend everyone to visit her for a session to understand and know your skin and how to treat and maintain your skin effectively.

Thus, I would say Simi’s Makeover Studio CaresBeyond Makeup and Skincare.

By Sneha

Simi’s Makeover Studio (OPC) Private Limited

Because We Care. Beyond Makeup and Skincare…


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