Dr. Seema, India’s youngest Female Injection based Sclerotherapy Expert, is treating Ano Rectal Disorders without Surgery

Dr. Seema has become India’s first women injection-based sclerotherapy expert treating ano rectal disorders.

The journey started during the early days of her medical education with research to treat ano rectal disorders without surgery.

Focusing on the discomfort faced by women during the treatment of ano rectal diseases under male experts, she began to work on procedures that would not only make the procedure painless but also provide comfort for the women to get treatment without hesitation.

Her research on the disease led her towards a highly effective formulation for treating ano rectal disorders without surgery.

During her interaction with the media, dr. Seema has stated that over 60% of women in India have ano rectal disorders. As our Indian women generally feel discomfort in showing to male doctors, they remain untreated, and the disease keeps growing, resulting in cancer.

To overcome this, I started my research with the formula which would treat ano rectal diseases like piles, fissures in ano, fistula in ano, rectal prolapse, and other conditions. 

She also said that I had seen nobody but mom suffering from such a condition, and she always avoided visiting a doctor just because the doctor was male, so here I began my trials. My mother itself was my first successful patient to believe.

Till date, Dr. Seema has treated many patients successfully, and now she is the only women expert providing injection-based sclerotherapy for ano rectal disorders.

Besides ano rectal disorders, Dr. Seema also provides treatment for breast cancer, uterine fibroids, kidney stones, skin disorders, and blood cancer without any surgery, just with injection.

Dr. Seema is the CEO & Founder of MedWomen, a Subsidy of Medteq Medicare, and also the Director of Medteq Medicare, India’s fastest-growing Healthcare Startup Providing Quality Healthcare Services within Affordability.
Link: www.instagram.com/med_women

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