Damak  launches ‘Yes I Do‘ collection

What Damak is all about:

When asked about the essence of damak, Mr. Bajpai claims that it is the incorporation of new ideas, designs, and aesthetics that makes the product of Damak more appealing to the eyes.

To make the consumers reciprocate to their uniqueness, they have incorporated strategic planning along with economic stability and basic techniques. Having a proficient knowledge of what the majority of the clients want, Damak focused on producing jewelry pieces that are budget-friendly, trendy, and unique designs.

“To appeal to the jewelry must be trendy, unique, and at the same time pocket-friendly. Consumers now are more receptive towards new ideas, designs, and products.”

He incorporated technology with aesthetics to bring a piece that would emanate an aura similar to that of the consumer. The incorporation of technical assistance was to make sure that the quality of the products is enhanced. Using techniques like Matrix, and the latest software for jewelry design, the illusion settings, and the lightweight methods, Mr. Bajpai established a line of jewelry with appealing results.

The concept of ‘detachable’ pieces has enhanced the effectiveness of the jewelry as one can wear it on multiple occasions, using multiple methods. It bears an economic as well as aesthetics significance which makes the consumer happy.

“This concept makes the product trendy and more wearable. Making it lightweight and using illusion settings and other such methods result in a reasonable retail price without sacrificing visual appeal.”

All Damak perfect cut diamonds are identified by their extraordinary brilliance, fire and sparkle.

An engagement ring signifies many things: The bond between you and your significant half, a promise for life and a commitment to being together, even in the toughest of times. More than being a beautiful piece of jewellery, it is a reminder that you mean the world to someone.

To commemorate Valentine’s Day Damak launches the first of its kind collection of engagement rings ‘Yes I Do’ made of exquisitely crafted solitaire diamond that is tailor made for this special occasion. All Damak round EX.EX.EX plus cut solitaire are identified by the Hearts & Arrows pattern. In the face-down position, you can see the 8 Hearts and when viewed face-up, the 8 Arrows.

All Damak perfect cut diamonds are identified by their extraordinary brilliance, fire and sparkle We understand that solitaires are the most beautiful asset. That a ring is a promise that you make to your loved one that vows are meant to be honoured for a lifetime, Damak provides only the brightest solitaires, with a quality guarantee certification on 123 parameters, Hearts and arrows, an assurance of responsible sourcing along with a national transparent pricing policy.

As you embark on a beautiful journey of your relationship, you look forward to a lifetime of pure love. Damak signify all the attributes of your love, ensuring that they are the best in clarity, purity and brilliance

Damak™️ is a synonymous with superlative diamonds, innovative jewelry design and expert craftsmanship.

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