“Close your eyes and start grooving on the soulful music of Harry Bmz”

Music is a universal language with a great power. Music has always played a huge role in everyone’s life in some way or the other due to various reasons such as it helped in stimulating old memories, it calms people down from unstable mindset, feel other emotions and in some cases it also acts as an inspiration and it’s all possible because of  the musicians comprising the singers, lyricist and others. Harry BMZ is one such popular Asian singer who rose to fame with his megahit original album “Bhuri Ankho wali” a Gujarati song which has not only became popular with the audience but also made all the youngsters groove with its dance steps.

Hardik Zinzuvadiya, popularly known as Harry Bmz born on 10th Feb 1995 is an Indian playback singer and a you tuber who gained popularity for his original song “Bhuri Ankho wali” released ten months ago along with various cover songs where everything from its groovy beats to its video, everything felt just right to the audience. The Gujarati song “Bhuri Ankhon wali” is a love song with feelings and a cusp of romanticism. He is also specialized in singing in multiple languages which includes Gujarati, Hindi, English and Punjabi. Apart from this Harry Bmz, formerly known by his stage name ‘Bmz’ is also known as a songwriter, music composer, music programmer, live programmer and a producer besides being a singer. His talent as a singer was discovered at his young age and it was in 2017 when he stepped into the music Industry choosing his career as a singer singing in the genre of POP and EDM. His confidence was just like that made everyone think if there is anything this talented singer can’t do.

Songs are such powerful things which can even hold the power of uniting two souls. Songs have literally held the mirror to the world with a reflection of the happening around the world. Harry Bmz’s video songs are all like telling stories in the form of acts with an emotional feeling which can be a treat to watch over and over again.

Every singer’s dreams about becoming popular someday but the road ahead aren’t always easy. At times you have to go through various ups and downs of life filled with challenges and this develops a learning how perseverance can act as the key. At times people may not be willing to listen to your song but still you need to keep your confidence up by developing a thick skin and give another shot or at times you need to draw inspiration from other singers who paved their way to stardom today after several setbacks.

Besides his original albums Harry Bmz has several cover songs on his credit such as ‘Tere jaisa yaar kaha’ ‘Whoa’ and others. His cover songs are so soothing which can bring life to any lyrics he sings. There remains a misconception about the fame in music Industry that does not happen overnight, a lot goes behind that like sleepless nights, stress, hard work for leading up to that fame and for that you need to work your way up the ladder. 

Harry Bmz USP lies in the fact that his videos are solely composed by him including singing, lyrics, performing, dancing and producing and this is the way that differentiates him from the crowd. He didn’t need to do the same song unlike other singers his choice of genre into POP and EDM made his fans and audiences buy into him over others. Though his USP is not anything big but the way he executes and presents his talent to the world is noticeable and clear to his fans and this makes him stand out in some way.

Harry Bmz is gearing up with the release of his upcoming song in Gujarati language titled “Hey Baby”  “Illuminati”  “Changes” and many more songs in 2021. Truly versatile, wouldn’t you agree?

 Music has the power to change the world with its universal language that we all understand. It also expands our horizons and opens our mind to new ideas. Singers are such gems who have the power to use music in the form of songs that helps in inspiring as well as empowering others.  All the music lovers who believe in the magic of music can join the troop and live the magic of music with HARRY BMZ.

Harry Bmz’s songs are available on his YouTube Channel, Apple Music, Amazon Music, IMDB, Spotify Page, Google Knowledge Panel, Jio Saavn, Boomplay, Musicmatch. 

Harry Bmz has mastered the art of singing in four languages and this achievement of his is a reminder to all that despite all challenges, the way we handle it determines our success or failure.

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