BJP leader Akhilesh Kant Jha and Naga Sadhu Shri Pawandas Ji Maharaj organised the best Parshuram Jayanti celebration.

Parshuram Jayanti is the Hindu festival that is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Lord Parshuram. He is believed to be the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The occasion falls on the third day of the Full Moon phase or Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakh.

This is firmly believed that Lord Parshuram incarnated to the world to save the human beings from the jeopardise of Kshatriyas.

As per our Hindu mythology, Parshuram is immortal and still lives on the earth. Parshuram is said to be the martial teacher of the 10th and final avatar of Lord Vishnu.

This year Parshuram Jayanti fell on 3 May. Devotees followed the rituals that are associated with Parshuram Jayanti.

The rituals that are mainly followed for the course of the occasions are: devotes take an early morning bath and wear fresh traditional clothes. The fast starts a night before. Lakshminarayan is worshipped on this by devotees, and satvik bhojan is consumed. 

This auspicious occasion was celebrated with pomp and show under the organisational skill of BJP leader Akhilesh Kant Jha and Naga Sadhu Shri Pawandas Ji Maharaj of Bawdi temple. This religious rally was organised from Haryana. This was a huge celebration of the auspicious occasion of Parshuram Jayanti. A huge number of Naga sadhus performed the holy rituals together and celebrated the festival with full joy. 

Ramdas Ji Naga Sadhu and about 5000 other saints performed grand rituals as defined on the occasion of Parshuram Jayanti. They started with a holy bath followed by the worship of Lakshminarayan. They offered flowers, kumkum, and Chandan to Lord Vishnu. 

After this, they began the yatra. The yatra began with the dancing of the Naga Sadhus. Horses and camels were also part of the yatra. The scene and atmosphere that were created by the utmost devotion and beliefs of the Naga Sadhus were spectacular. There was a visible fondness for the God that could be seen, and Sadhus were engrossed in the rituals and dancing. The circumambulation was about 10 km which, not only the people who participated were engrossed but also those who were watching it.

This year Parshuram Jayanti fell on the same day as Eid. People were in the fear that some kind of misconduct should not happen. But BJP Leader Akhilesh Kant Jha and Naga Sadhu Pawandas Ji Maharaj made sure that anything bad would not take place. They, with the help of the local people around them, successfully took out the rally peacefully and safely with all the pomp and showed on the auspicious occasion.

Those who were admiring the celebration of Parshuram Jayanti could not get their minds and eyes off the rally. It was a great environment full of devotion to their lord. On Parshuram Jayanti, everyone celebrated the fact of Lord Parshuram’s victory by killing Kshatriyas and saved us the world from his cruelty. This is again one of those religious happenings that makes us believe, ” Burai pe achai ki humesha jeet hoti hai.” 

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